Saturday, April 26, 2008

Run, Mommy! Run!

So, I did it! I ran my first 10 k.(6.2 miles) I have been enjoying my running a lot again, now that the boys are a little bigger. Having a treadmill helped throughout the winter, but now that the sun is coming up at a decent hour, I have been getting out most mornings before Matt leaves for work. I have found that it really gets my day off to a good start. Most of you know that running has been a passion of mine for about 10 years, but with the addition of two babies at one time, well, you get the idea. I get that jogging strollers are cool for a lot of people, but I gotta tell you... it was fun with Caleb... One baby. But shoving 2 big babies around in what may as well be a camping trailer for 4.5 miles at just the right time of day, between Caleb's pre-school and afternoon naps just wasn't gonna happen on this home front. Anyway, that doesn't have anything to do with anything... But I finally ventured out and entered a "run". And got the t-shirt. At 6.2 miles, I finished at right at one hour. It was tons of fun, and I look forward to entering more runs for the fun of it. Here are some pictures that Matt took of me running and crossing the finish line... When I met the boys there after the run, Caleb ran up to me and shouted "I'm proud of you!!!"
Entry Fee for Race: $15 dollars
Massage for sore muscles: $50 (in my dreams)
Son telling Mom he's "proud" of her: Priceless. ;o)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tato Head

So, Caleb made this wonderful "Tato Head", and when he was done, asked if I could get the camera to take a picture of him with his "Tato Head". He said "Mama's proud of me." I, of course, ran for the camera and assured him that I was very proud. Caleb... You are precious.

Life is Good

The boys love homemade frosting. Although Jonah decided he wasn't very interested, hence no chocolate face picture of him. But Noah and Caleb had no trouble licking their utensils clean!

Women of Faith

My wonderful mother-in-law, Vonnie, treated me to the Women of Faith conference this last weekend up in Spokane. I had never been to the conference, but had heard amazing things about it. I really am not sure what I expected, but it certainly would have exceeded anything that I could have expected! It was amazing. The music, the speakers, everything was top notch. I was so blessed. And anyone who knows me well, knows that normally I would shy away from an event that would attract 10,000 women. But really, it was phenomenal. I am looking forward to going back next year, and taking a lot of friends with me!!! I had a delightful time with Vonnie, and was so excited to share the experience with her. She is a true gem, and one that I am blessed to have as a Mom! What a joy! As we walked out of the arena for our lunch break, the sun was shining, and snow was falling. I don't think you can see it in the picture, but it was hilarious. ;o)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby Words

Jonah and Noah are really starting to jabber! Way more than these clips even show, but at least you get to hear their little voices! Again, the video is not that exciting, but it's nice to be able to document things with our amazing technology. Enjoy....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mealtime Musings

So, in these "clips" You'll see Noah singing, while Jonah is singing, maybe more... Hmm.. scatting... the "eat, eat" as background vocals. It's Jonah's rendition of a "Doo-Whop" guy. And, yes, that's Noah throwing food. I grounded him from Senior Prom for that once we finished taping. ;o)
There really isn't anything too exciting here, just me experimenting with putting a clip on blog, although Jonah's kisses at the end of one are worth the viewing.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Caleb is sitting on the potty ~ Okay, so I get that I am telling a "potty" story. But this is my life. And though being the professional family documentor I am, I must keep it real~

Caleb: I'm all done.

Mommy: Are you sure? 'Cause sometimes we need to wait just a bit, to make sure everything came out.

Caleb, sighs heavily: May I please be excused?

A Lesson in What You Can and Can't Buy From a Store

Caleb (4) is clutching his stomach...

Mommy: You feeling okay, Caleb?

Caleb: My tummy feeld yucky.

Mommy: Oh, I'm sorry Buddy, what should we do?

Caleb: Mama... go buy Caleb a new tummy at the store, please.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Do Warm Weather and Christine Have in Common???

They have both been missing... For MONTHS!!!! But as the next post shows... We are both back in full force. Well, at least for the weekend. I could make tons of excuses as to why I have neglected those of you who are our boys' fan club... But really, it came down to laziness. So there. I said it. Confession is good for the soul. But really, it has been a joyous few months. Matt took a two week journey to Israel, which was amazing. It was sponsored by a donor in the area who wanted to send 5 young pastors to Israel who had never been before, and through the blessings of God, Matt was one of those pastors. He went with a group of about 40 people, and had an amazing time. We are both so thankful for being gifted with that experience. I am proud of myself for surviving two weeks of his absence! But, honestly, I am such a sissy. I was blessed to have my best friend from Multnomah, Sheri come out for an entire week, and my mom came out for several days after that. I had a great time with both of them, and found myself being ever so thankful, once again, that we are closer to friends and family here on the mainland. I also completed my kitchen project of tearing down the old wallpaper, and painting. My kitchen now feels like a Tuscan Culinary Getaway. Okay, that might be a stretch, but I LOVE it. ;o) Below you will find pictures of what you really care about: The Boys! They are all doing so well. We are so blessed to have such beautiful, healthy boys. Caleb is growing leaps and bounds with his speech, and really, Noah and Jonah are, too! They are each so unique and wonderful. Thanks for waiting for me to get my act together and update you all! Hopefully it won't be so long between postings! Aloha...

Whoo Hoo! Warmer Days are Here!

Everyone got a turn to "drive". Here, Noah is steering, but Caleb is pushing the gas.
Big smiles from our boys!

Jonah's turn behind the wheel.

Noah is super relaxed after his turn in the car swing.

Jonah is having a blast in the sand box!


Big Boy Caleb!!!

Fun Times!


So, here we are enjoying our weekend of warm weather. The weather report said that we haven't seen temperatures this high since the beginning of October. Ya. Six months ago. As much as I have LOVED the cool fire place weather, I am SO eager for Spring, and the fun in the sun that we are so used to. You know, I think I actually like it more since I have to anticipate it. How weird is that. Appreciation is a weird thing. Here are some pictures of us enjoying our back yard frolic. The boys have been delighted to be in the yard. And exhausted by bed time. It's great! ;o)