Monday, September 22, 2008

Nez Perce County Fair

Fair time is always around Caleb's birthday, so it's fun to be able to wrap up summer with those two events. We decided to take the boys to the fair on Friday, the day after Caleb's birthday, and I am so glad we did, because I think it was our last warm day of the year. It was actually hot, in the 90's, and an evening at the fair was the perfect way to say aloha to Summer. No kidding... The very next day was rainy and cold, and it has been chilly with Fall in the air since the 19th. My mom and Ron took Caleb to the fair last summer, as they were here for his 4th birthday, so it was fun for Matt and I to go, and Noah and Jonah are just old enough to have tons of fun too!!!! We went with Bob and Emily and Baby Etta, who you'll see on her very first fair ride! She is so adorable, and I hope to have a post one day announcing her as Etta Grace Jorgens. With three boys, surely one of them can catch her eye!

Riding the Funny Bears (This was the name Caleb labeled them last year...) Noah was all done by this point. But I think Jonah and Caleb would have gone all night if they could.

The boys LOVED the race car ride!

Yes. That's Mommy in the Kiddy Roller Coaster having the time of her life. What can I say, I'm a cheap date.

The boys getting ready

Jonah and Noah on the carosel. For some reason, this is the one ride Caleb won't go on....

Emily taking Baby Etta on her first ride!!!

Can someone other than me, please look at the camera and say "cheese"?
Guess not. ;o)

Mommy and Caleb share some Huckleberry Ice Cream. Mmmmm The BEST!



Caleb would have taken this bunny home if he could.

Jonah admiring the bunny
Petting a chicken

Baaa'ing with the best
The Cows. One had a white face. Caleb said it was the Oreo Cow.
*Wink* to Grammy!

Caleb is 5!!!

Can you believe that five years have passed since God Wowed us with the arrival of Caleb?!?! Everyone tells you that it goes by fast...but experiencing it is so different. Whenever the boys have a birthday, I always reflect back on the time of their birth, what life was like, and mostly what God was teaching me. Caleb's is especially poignant to me, as his arrival came as I had just walked through some of the darkest days of my life. I remember those extreme emotions, both the sorrow, hopelessness, and deep despair of wanting a child, yet dealing with infertility. Then the shear elation, wonder and awe of watching God work the miracle of bringing Caleb to us, and us to Caleb. We talk a lot about the boys journey's to us, as it is something that reminds us of the Glory of God, and is such a beautiful display of His loving hand at work in all five of our lives. Something that has been thoroughly enjoyable as Caleb is getting older, is his budding interest in the time of his birth. He has been very interested in me telling him the story of the day he was born. He says something like: Mama... Please snuggle Caleb and tell about when Caleb was born!
Oh! The Joy! How I love to tell that story. What a beautiful day it was. As if the years of prayers were wrapped up in that glorious moment of your arrival.
Caleb, I tell you often how special you are to me... It was you who God chose to make me a Mother. And I thank Him daily for that gift.

Does this cake look familiar? After looking through Grammy's pictures and seeing the Pooh Bear Cake from his 1st birthday, all Caleb wanted was a Pooh Bear cake this year. I tried over and over to have him think through all the things he liked now that he was five, but none of them caught his eye like having a party just like his first birthday.

A Big Boy Bike!
After years of therapy for his low muscle tone, Caleb is finally able to ride a big bike! He still struggles with it a bit, but we are so confident in his ability to overcome his struggle with hypotonia, we know he'll be peddling with the best of them!


Even Jonah and Noah had a few presents to open thanks to Grandma Vonnie, and friends from church!

Round Up Parade 2008

We had so much fun at the Lewiston Round Up Parade! It was our second time going, and it's hard to believe we have been here over a year already. Baby Etta, in the right corner of the first picture, was just beginning to grow in her Mommy's tummy, and here she is this year, watching with delight! The boys have grown so much, and just loved the parade this year. They all even ran out to grab candy thrown in the street.
Bob, Emily, Baby Etta, Jonah, Mommy, and Noah all enjoying the parade!
Jonah and Noah enjoying the parade! I can't believe how BIG they look!!!

We got to the parade a little early, so Daddy walked the boys down the street as a pre-show treat to the by standers. I am sure they loved it. ;o)

Below is Jonah dancing to the groovy high school marching band! He does this all the time with music. Both Noah and Jonah really feel music. It is so fun to watch them!

Big Boy Fun Day!

In August we took Caleb to Silverwood Theme Park up near Spokane for a special big boy day. Silverwood has an an amusement park and a water park. We knew Caleb would love it, but the twins are just a bit too young still. Bob and Emily graciously stayed with Noah and Jonah and made sure they had a fun play day at home! We had such a GREAT time, and it was awesome to spend special time with just Caleb. As the boys get older, we plan on doing special things with them individually as much as we can, it's such a great way to get them to open up even more, and be able to connect with them in a special way.
This big bucket would fill up with water, and dump on the people below.
Caleb LOVED the water park! No big surprise there... He has been a water boy from the very beginning!!

This shot just shows the water village that we spent most of our time at

Splashing around

We treated ourselves to some yummy ice cream after rides, and before the water park. Caleb was elated to have Oreo ice cream with M&M's on top!!!


Riding the helicopter

This was Caleb's favorite ride! He loved flying the plane!!!

The big train