Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jonah's Anatomy

This morning, on our way to school...

Noah (4): Jonah! Don't go to sleep!

Jonah (4): Noah.... I am not sleeping. I am looking at my eye lids.

Noah, questioning... : Is that on your body, or mine?

Jonah, sighs: Noah, they are on everybody's body.

Yep. That's underwear on their head.
I had to sneak this one in... My Gingerbread Twins. ;o)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chicks Who Drive Trucks Rock

Every Tuesday and Thursday I have the blessing of watching Miss Etta Wicks while her Mommy, my BFF Emily, teaches music at a local private school. I LOVE Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are I pick Etta up, and then she and I drive to the boys' pre-school, and pick up her "Crazy Boys". Etta and I enjoy lots of girl talk on the way to get the boys... Today was so hilarious, I just HAD to share it with you all:

Etta (2): There's a red truck!

Me: YA! Who else drives a red truck?

Etta: My Dad. And Uncle Matt. And Joe.

Me: WOW! You know LOTS of people who drive red trucks. Etta, which do you like more? Trucks, or cars?

Etta: Trucks.

Me: Ya, me too. Chicks who drive trucks rock.

Etta: Ya. My Dad, too.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Farty Brain

I live with boys. A lot of them. And now that they are getting a bit older, the joy of bodily functions seems to be taking over my house. That, and the endless debate as to which is better: Star Wars, or Star Trek. People say that boys and girls are conditioned to behave in their gender roles... I say... PSHA! My boys are 7 and 4... they are just programed by the Good Lord to do and say BOY things....(speaking generally, here.) But, I digress... this is a story about Farty Brain.
BoldThis morning the following conversation took place:
Mom: Wow, thanks for fixing that, Matt....
Jonah (4): Ya, Farty Brain.
Mom: Jonah... we don't call people Farty Brain. It's not nice.
Jonah (with the most serious expression, ever.): But Mom... I have a friend at school named Farty Brain. And he's super nice.
Mom: Really? You really have a friend named Farty Brain, huh?
Jonah: Ya. He's 4. Like us. I like him a lot. But sometimes he farts on me.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

That Tooth Did, Indeed, Come Out...

I know! It has been the epic cliff hanger for the last 6 months! "Did that tooth EVER come out?!" You've all been on the edge of your seats wondering... And, indeed, it did....
I have wrestled with whether to catch up on past stuff, or just start with today, but there are some things that I just GOTTA put on here... And this is one of them. The Era of the Tooth Fairy has been ushered into the Jorgens 'Ohana. Here are some pictures of our VERY proud boy. It was super loose, and one day I finally popped him up on the kitchen counter and gave it a tiny wiggle... He was super nervous when I said gasped, then when I said "Caleb! It came out!" He just giggled with glee! The Twins thought it was pretty exciting, too. We called Daddy right away, and the rest of the evening was tooth excitement galore... ;o)

Proudly displaying his tooth in the very same tooth fairy box I used as a little kid.
Holding his tooth.... Funny, I remember being equally excited when that little tooth made it's first appearance.

Ya, you can't really see the puka, but I love this picture of him trying to show us!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Behind The Times

I have been seriously behind in my blogging. I dunno... There has been a part of me that just hasn't had the desire to post in the last several months... Sometimes it is just fun to LIVE it, and I was pressuring myself about blogging... GOTTA get a post about this and that. So, I just released my self pressure, and just lived. Enjoying and soaking up every moment without feeling like I had to share it with the world. It was nice, actually.
But now? I am over it. I have the desire to post updates again, and that makes it fun, right?! With the Holidays behind us, and a year of excitement ahead, I am eager to keep my record of the blessings and goings on of our family....
Stay tuned! And I hope there are still people out there who check my blog! Hahaha... We'll see!