Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Let's Get On The Bus!"

So, my big 4 year old begged to ride the bus to his afternoon Pre-School. I know, I know. I have already been harassed by the parents who are... Hmmm... Better than me I guess. ;o) But if you had a four year old boy who you loaded up in the car every day, with his one year old twin brothers, dropped off at school at 12:45 and picked up promptly at 3:00 (Right in the middle of the twin brothers afternoon nap), and while unloading the twin boys from the car because you feel even more guilty leaving them in the car to walk the 10 feet to the pre-school door only to have your 4 year old pre-schooler pull away from you and cry because he wants to ride the GIANT yellow school bus with all the other kids, to which you respond, "No, Honey... That's just for the parents who are too distracted with other things in life to pick up their kids from school, and besides, it's causing me a near emotional breakdown to even THINK about entrusting my precious baby to someone I hardly know who is operating one of the largest vehicles created in the history of man-kind. In short 'no'." Only to end up wrestling him into the car, while still attempting to hold on to 60 lbs. of babies (in addition to the 40 lbs. of pre-schooler), You, too, if left to experiencing this each day, may choose to explore the option of the greatest transportation gift to parents, only to be closely matched in recent years by the portable DVD player.
In all honesty, He loves it! I love it. His driver is wonderful, and the aid on the bus that straps him in and out of his seat is a super sweet heart. Genuinely, it was really hard for me to make the decision to do the bus thing. But, after researching it, and getting the know the bus staff, we felt confident that it was the right thing. I have taken a bizillion pictures of Caleb and The Bus, but have chosen to leave you with this one taken by my Dad as Caleb was hammin' it up with his good-bye to him the other day.