Monday, November 21, 2011

You Can Read, Can't You?

The boys know that there are certain things that Mommy will not do with them, or for them. I do lots of things with them and for them, but there is a short list of Mommy's Untouchables:
*Puzzles (I don't care how many pieces)
*Putting together transformers
*Setting up electronics

Well, the other day, Jonah was begging me to put his transformer from the robot, back into a car....

Me: That's not gonna happen buddy.

Jonah (5), brings me the blue print, a step by step instruction paper of how to do it: Here you go, Mommy.

Me: Ya, Sweety... Still not gonna happen. You know Mommy doesn't do that. I just get frustrated. Daddy will be home soon.

Jonah: Well, here is the instructions. Can you read, can't you?

Me: Ya. I can read.

Jonah: If you can read, you can put it together.

The Difference Is....

There is an elderly couple in our church and the wife is actually much older than the husband. Her health has declined greatly, and her husband has been taking great care of her. As I was discussing this with the twins the other day I could not help but ask this question of them. I did it separately, as I had a feeling that their answers would be different, and I didn't want their brothers answer to sway what they would say to me...
Me: So, when Mommy gets really, really old, are you gonna help take care of me?

Noah (5): Oh, ya, Mama!

Jonah (5): Um... I think I'm gonna be too busy being a grown-up.