Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun on the Farm!!!

We had so much fun playing out on the Sullivan Farm! The boys, and the dog, enjoyed playing in the sprinkler, and riding on Papa's tractor. Papa gave them each their own ride... twice! ;o)
What is it about boys and their facination with water and peeing?

Even Lea joined in the fun! She even gets to stay out on the farm while we relax in Seaside.

Papa lets Noah take the wheel!
Jonah and Papa wave to Mommy!
Caleb is showing Papa how to do it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The ZOO!!!

Thanks, Papa, for taking the rare photo of our Fab Five! ;o)
Though their faces don't really show it,(except Matt ;o) they were thrilled to be riding "Thomas".
(I think all trains are considered part of the Thomas family to Toddler and Pre-School Boys.)

Jonah and Mommy snuggle as we wait for our train.

Noah is SO excited!!!
Waiting for our turn on the train.

The giraffe was a favorite for us. Jonah kept asking for "More Giraffe!!!" And blew him many kisses as we headed on our way.

Jonah had fun helping Daddy push Caleb in the stroller for a bit of fun

Here we are at the Oregon Zoo!!! As much as they loved the animals, I think the train ride was the big highlight, that and having Papa Sully there, too!!!


Jonah is all wet because he tried to climb in the water table several times, and enjoyed dumping water on himself... ;o)

Yes, they are petting a giant cockroach.

Taking the boys to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) has been one of the many highlights of our vacation. Though there is a lot at OMSI that is well above their level, OMSI has added an AMAZING science playground that we all but lived in during our time there. Way to Go, OMSI... for our little guys, you were a BIG hit! As for the Dinosaurs, Caleb and Jonah thought they were super cool. In fact, every time one would 'roar', Jonah would roar even louder right back. Really, if you know Jonah, you would expect nothing less. Noah, on the other hand, was much more cautious in regards to the prehistoric models. Noah only takes well calculated risks. Like riding his bike down the stairs. The possibility of missing a few teeth is nothing compared to the possibility of being swallowed whole before you turn 3. But I digress... Enjoy the pics from OMSI, and know that the Jorgens Family gives it a 4.5 (out of 5), stars.

Summer Vacation 2008

So, we decided to take our first official "Family Vacation". It has been exciting planning and getting ready for our first trip together, and I am thrilled to say that we have been enjoying it so much. At this writing, I am sitting in our little beach house in Seaside, OR., with three very sleepy boys passed out on their new Thomas Travel Beds. Never mind that there is a huge bed in the room that they are sharing, they all HAD to sleep in their Thomas beds. We began our venture with a drive to Portland/Estacada... We stayed out on the Farm, and enjoyed visiting with Great Grandma, and Papa Sully. Though I think Great Grandma may have been a little overwhelmed with the five of us overtaking her usually serene home, I know she loved having the boys around! We took the boys to OMSI, and the Zoo, before heading out here to the beautiful...cold...drizzly...hopefully-it-will-be-warmer-tomorrow-Oregon Coast. Wow, we are not in Hawaii anymore! But regardless, it is lovely, and has a beautiful ambiance all it's own. Though it was drizzly today, we enjoyed the famous promenade with the boys, and some yummy warm clam chowder and crab cakes for dinner! We leave the coast on Friday and head to my Mom's to visit with her, Ron, Uncle Kevin and Auntie Nikai. Enjoy the following host of pictures that show the fun of our first ever Family Vacation!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jonah's Color Lesson

Mama: Jonah, that's Red...

Jonah (2): RED!

Mama: That one's blue.

Jonah: BLUE!!

Mama: This is orange.

Jonah: APPLE!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Latest Calebism

Caleb (4) : Mom... You're on the Tiggerrific!

"We're Gonna Hide in the Closets!"

One of Caleb's Disney videos opens with a preview for Monsters Inc. A super cute movie that we own, but there are a couple pretty scary parts that we think the boys aren't quite ready for. But the preview was enough to get Caleb thinking about things that are "scary". Luckily, his view of "scary" is a dramatic voice, and the idea of hiding in the closets. He thinks it's hilarious to say "Caleb and Mommy and Daddy are gonna hide in the closets!" And he usually makes the word "closets", his 'scariest' word. It's been cracking us up, so I finally tried to get him to say it while recording him. Though it is not quite like how he does it when it is spontaneously his own idea, you'll get the gist.