Friday, December 14, 2007

Wish List

Mommy: "So, Caleb... What do you want for Christmas?"
Caleb: "A Christmas Pony."
Mommy: "Wow, that would be neat! What do you think Noah and Jonah want for Christmas?"
Caleb: "Umm... Christmas Jammies."

Oh... First Child Syndrome must be totally universal. I remember my parents telling me that before I could talk, they asked my brother what he thought I wanted, to which he responded "She said she wants G.I. Joe's."
Right. That, and Christmas Jammies. ;o)


So, I guess it's pretty obvious that I had a difficult time choosing which pictures to put in this posting. There were over 100, so I guess I did okay when I think of it that way. We had SO MUCH FUN!!!! This was the first time Noah and Jonah have played in the snow, and also the first time Caleb has without his hands freezing off. (See earlier posting) We woke up on Monday morning to over 3 inches of snow! It was beautiful, and Matt and I took the opportunity to take the boys out to play. And play they did! For over an hour, we all just enjoyed the snow. It was such a gift! It's been so cold, that five days later, we still have snow on the ground. The pictures should speak for themselves to the great time we had! Enjoy...

This is Caleb telling Daddy that this is the snow man's head. To which Daddy responded, "That's great, Caleb! Let's see if we can make it even bigger!"

Silly Boys

Here are just a few pictures of my adorable boys being silly. This is my Ode to the Blogging Brag Book.