Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Power of Positive Thinking

Caleb, I hate to say it, is a pretty picky eater. For about a year and a half, he lived off peanut butter sandwiches. Then, it became the Era of the Mini-Wheat's. Frosted, of course. Well, in an effort to widen his exposure to nutrients, I have started to bribe him a bit more. It's really very simple:

Mama: Caleb... I'll give you a cookie if you eat all your lunch.

This usually has pretty good results. But yesterday, after making a fresh batch of peanut butter cookies, I realized that my sweet boy really is trying. I made scrambled egg sandwiches, and told Caleb that if he ate it, he could have a yummy warm cookie. He wasn't thrilled. But he was determined.

Caleb takes bite of sandwich and begins to gag. Literally, gag.

Caleb, as gagging with tears welling up in his eyes says: Caleb loves egg sandwich!

Mama: Really? You love it, huh?

Caleb, while fighting gag reflex: Oh ya! It's like candy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Norman/Jorgens Summer Fun...

Although it was a quick visit, we were thankful that Matt's sister Tammie, and her hubby Ed opened their home to host a visit with us as we wrapped up our vacation. Matt's brother Tim, wife Jenn and their kiddo's: Jessie and Nate, also joined in the fun for a yummy BBQ, and crazy trampoline time. The boys, as always, had a great time, as did Matt and I. It was very relaxing to visit, and we so enjoyed getting our kiddos, the cousins, together. It was also a joy to meet the Newest Norman: Andy!
Daddy, or 'Uncle Moe', as the Team Potato Head Team Leader
Caleb, Noah and Holly are all smiles on the trampoline!
The Kiddos
Everybody say "Hi Grandma Vonnie!!!"
Emily is sharing her sidewalk chalk.
Noah and Jonah are excited to meet Andy.

Summer Fun

Jessie and Jonah bouncing around. Can you believe that Jess was our 3 year old flower girl? Now, she is nearly a teenager. All the kids were great, and we really had such a great time. We are looking forward to a longer visit next time... Hopefully! ;o)

Hanging out at Grammy's!

We had so much fun staying with my mom, and her husband, Ron (Ronpa) for a couple days, too! The boys LOVE staying at Grammy's. Especially since there are always "New toys hiding in the closets!". Auntie Nikai, and Uncle Kevin also came for a visit, but I was not as good about my picture planning. I was really enjoying just relaxing and visiting with my wonderful brother, and his amazing wife. I'll make sure to have better planning next time!
My mom always has beautiful flowers in her flower gardens. These Lillie's were stunning! And so very fragrant.

Grammy is showing Noah and Jonah her photo albums. They are always excited to look at pictures of themselves!

Ronpa with Jonah, and Caleb is, once again, pretending he's a doggy in the doggies bed

Jonah and Noah are helping Grammy mix up the batter for waffles
I thought it was Grammys "special" bubbles making this tubby extremely bubbly. Little did I know Jonah had taken their shampoo bottle and opened it under the water. The bubbles were overflowing, and once it was all down the drain, the only thing remaining was an empty bottle of kiddo shampoo.
Noah and Jonah climb up on the big lawn mowers. No, Matt, our yard is NOT big enough for one. ;o)

Fun on The Town

Here are some shots of our outings on the town...
Standing at the famous Turn Around in the heart of Seaside
Papa came down for a day and shared the fun of feeding the seals, riding bumper cars, and the carousel, as well as sharing elephant ears and ice cream with the boys. It was lots of fun!!!
Caleb enjoying his ice cream
One of the seals the boys fed. They were cute. Their food was not.
Even Mommy and Daddy got to ride the carousel!
(Caleb was not a fan of this ride. But Jonah and Noah rode it every day. Twice.)
Caleb's favorite game at the arcade was the Bonk the Shark game. It was hilarious! Although you and I know of a place like this as an arcade, Caleb insisted that it was a "Space Port". He even spits a bit when he says it, he's so excited. ;o)
They never really change.
Daddy with his Mini-Me's.
The Twins gearing up for action!

Sensational Seaside!!

Below you'll find proof that Hawaiian Boys can frolic in the chilly Pacific, almost as well as they can in their homeland waters of Hawaiian Paradise. Their Haole parents, however, are another story. But regardless of the COLD water, we had lots of fun!
Since we didn't have an actual kite, our always creative Caleb impressed us by making his own!
(I know, it's kind of sad when you think about it. But we don't have enough arms to keep a hold of 3 kids, 4 and under, AND fly a kite... I kept telling Matt how disappointed I was that we didn't bring the Nanny along. ;o)
Mommy having fun with her Little Boys
Daddy is brave, too!
My Boys
Playing in the sand
Oh, my Jonah... These times with you and your brothers are precious.
As the sun sets