Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Bets

As my beautiful sister-in-law is at this very moment laboring to bring her and my brothers first baby into the world, I thought it would be fun to ask the boys what they thought about their soon to arrive cousin.

Mommy: Boys, what do you think the baby will be; a boy, or a girl?

Jonah: Auntie Kai have baby girl. A big, little girl.
Caleb: It's gonna be a baby girl... a tiny cute baby girl! Baby cousin will have a pacifier! Just like Baby Caleb.
Noah: Nope. A BOY! Baby Boy!

Nikai and Kevin, we are praying for you unceasingly today. We are all so excited for the arrival of this baby. You are both going to be wonderful parents, and Little Blueberry is so blessed to have you as his OR her Mommy and Daddy! We love you, all three of you, so very, very much!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

We had a WONDERFUL Memorial Day Weekend... The sun has been out, and we have been thrilled to be in the great outdoors once again! Here are SEVERAL pictures of us enjoying our weekend!

Jonah and Noah enjoying Otter Pops (A true Summer staple...)
We even set up the pool and had our first splash around of the year!

Caleb enjoying the pool
Caleb and Jonah digging in... Watermelon is a big hit in our family... We are close to being able to polish off an entire melon in one sitting!

Taking a watermelon break
Our biggest watermelon fan!
On Memorial Day, we were invited up to Bob and Emily's family cabin about 45 min. away... It was a beautiful retreat! The boys played so much, enjoyed being "deep in the woods", as Caleb put it. We collected pine cones, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and Steve even gave each of the boys a ride on the 4 wheeler! It was a delightful day!
Jonah and Steve
Noah and Steve
Caleb's turn!
"More, more, Uncle Steve!" ;o)
Checking things out.
Enjoying some snacks.
Noah and Jonah watching as Caleb roasts his first marshmallow!
Caleb, you are getting to be such a big boy!
Caleb: "It's DELICIOUS!"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Half Marathon!

Emily and I are official FINISHERS of the Windermere Half Marathon! It was a beautiful race through Spokane, from the Valley to Downtown along the beautiful Spokane river. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day! All in all, the race went wonderfully and we are both feeling good this evening! After the race, the boys enjoyed some time playing on the Big Red Wagon in the park. We grabbed some lunch and headed home. Matt was such a trooper bringing the boys up early this morning all by himself! Matt, I am so proud of you! ;o) It was the best feeling coming up to the finish line and seeing all my boys there waiting for me! We are over half way through our training for the Missoula Marathon in July... Just when I think there is no way I could run that far, we train, and push through the distance. It's a great feeling. Even though I am certainly not the fastest runner, there is such a sense of accomplishment in completing something I never thought possible. Thanks for sharing this journey with me, Emily. It is such a joy!

Finish Line, Here I Come!
Love the medals!
Big hugs from my big boys!
These guys are the ones who really make me race each day! ;o)

Noah taking on the big slide!

Can you read Jonah's shirt? Thanks, Mom! hee hee...

Taking some time to play.