Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's "Mom" To You.

As I came up the stairs:

Jonah(3): Hey Babe.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Noah & Jonah's First Day Of School!

My Babies are in PRE-SCHOOL! Jonah and Noah have been SO VERY EXCITED to start school! We are delighted that they were accepted into our local Head Start Pre-School. It is an amazing program where the boys will be getting a real head start on learning! Not to mention the time to play with lots of other kids! They have been so confident up until this morning. We strapped on their backpacks, and they decided it was time for them to hold hands. I nearly cried as the 'adorable meter' was ticking at it's highest. ;o)

Here we go, Mommy!

They held hands all the way walking up to their class!
Jonah: Come on, Noah!

WOW! Our very first Circle Time!
Jonah was a little more sure than Noah was... But Noah warmed up after awhile!

Let's Play!
Jonah said he was making pizza!
Puzzle time.

My Big Boys!
Ready to head home! But we can't wait to go back tomorrow!

Caleb is 6!

It's hard to believe that my miracle surprise baby is six years old! We celebrated joyously, as we love to do for birthdays! Caleb has been anticipating this birthday for awhile, and knew exactly what he wanted. It has a little story, actually. Caleb is VERY into Handy Manny, and all the boys even have their own set of Handy Manny tools. While at the store one day, Caleb was eyeing the other toys Handy Manny (Disney) had to offer. On the back of one of the toy boxes was a picture of a Handy Manny truck that converted into a tool bench. He was hooked. He wanted it. Bad. But, thing was, wal-mart didn't carry it. He NEVER actually SAW the toy. Just the picture on the back of the box. But boy did he talk about it, and how much he wanted it. Well, when Matt and I were in Spokane over our anniversary, we stopped by a Toys R Us, and wouldn't you know it, they had the very toy he was dreaming about. Matt and I picked it up, and hid it well here at home to surprise our Birthday Boy. He was SO excited when he opened his birthday present that morning! Matt and I swore we heard "We are the Champions" playing. HAHA! It was the best feeling! He plays with it all the time, and just lights up saying he has "one of his very own!"

Caleb: "It sure is a big box!"
Making his new signature "Silly Face".

His birthday was Friday, September 18th. Since he had school, I was able to make cupcakes for his class, and bring them in during snack time. Once again, Caleb was DELIGHTED! I went a little early, and was able to play with him during recess! I thought he would explode from joy! I thought I might, too. ;o)
It was also the day that he was assigned to be the classroom "helper", so he got to deliver the milk wagon to the class for each of the children to pick up their milk for snack time. He was so proud that Mommy got to see him helping!
Mrs. Genoway and the class sang Happy Birthday to him, while Mrs. Genoway moved his arms around for a silly dance.
Enjoying his cupcake!
Ready to go home! In the car, Caleb said "This was the best day ever!"
Then I cried. It really was!
The next day we had a party for him, and I made him his very own Oreo cake! Oreo's are my Big Boys favorite cooking, and he sure LOVED his cake!
We went to Pioneer Park to celebrate with friends!
Ate pizza....
Opened presents...
Played in the fountain...
Played at the park...
And had another wonderful day.
Happy Birthday my sweet boy! I treasure being your Mommy, and I love celebrating the magical day when God brought you into this world, and into our hearts.
You are my joy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Introducing: OLIVER!

I am SO excited about the arrival of our newest family member! Oliver joined us on August 28, 2009. When Jessie was here, she and I decided to just "visit" the local humane society. When we walked in, we saw several kittens, and none of them really caught my eye. Until one of the shelter workers pointed out this adorable stripped kitten with curled over ears. She said that he was a Scottish Fold kitty, and apparently, they are pretty rare. His little ears were curled over and he looked up at me with giant eyes. I have to admit, his eyes reminded me and Jess of Caleb's! ;o) I held him for a good deal of time, feeling him out, and letting him get used to me. I was a little concerned, because his temperament was much more docile than I had in mind. The lady helping us said that he was very timid, and didn't really purr much. It concerned me bringing a kitty like that into a home with 3 rambunctious little boys, AND a large dog. But as I held him, I just had a special feeling about him. So, we made the arrangements to bring him home! I cannot tell you how pleased we are with this little guy! His temperament is just PURRfect with our home! ;o) He allows the boys to snuggle him, pass him back and forth and carry him around the house. He is such a snugly lover boy! Not to mention he is very playful and purrs ALL the time! His first day home Jonah said "Shhh! Wisten! Da kitty sounds wike a motorcycle!" So true, he really does. I am so smitten with him, and as you can see, he is just about as adorable as can be!

Noah and Oliver snuggling
Those ears and eyes just melt my heart!

Oliver, Caleb and Lea playing

Sweetie Pie
Making Friends!
Getting into mischief already!