Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day Snow Play!!!

After the Little Boys woke up from their nap, we took them outside to play in the snow. We had SO MUCH FUN!!!
Caleb said "Look Mama! Caleb is a Snowman!!"
Daddy trying, without any success thanks to our cold dry snow, to build an actual snowman.

But Jonah loved taking it and throwing it at his brothers... Oh, the joy of clobbering people with snow!

Kicking it proved to be a lot of fun for Noah
Sweet smiles from Jonah Bug
Handsome Caleb

Our Boys... Christmas Day ~ 2008

Christmas Morning Joy!

I was blessed this year to organize a program I lovingly called 'Operation Christmas Morning Miracle' where our church, with the help of many other churches, was able to give a few needy families in our community their own Christmas Morning gifts. We gathered their wish lists, and together made sure that when they awoke on Christmas morning, they would be able to enjoy the same blessings that we have. Throughout the month of December, Caleb, Noah, and Jonah have seen multiple people coming to our home to drop off gifts for these children, and their parents. Each time, we had the opportunity to remind the boys that these gifts were not for them, but they were for our friends, so we could share Christmas with them. I was rather impressed with the way, even our two year olds, were able to see all the toys, and know that they were "no touch.. toys for friends", and how Caleb began telling everyone that "Christmas is all about giving. And baby Jesus." My heart would swell when I would watch them joyously talk about giving, and see them just beginning to grasp this concept that we value so much, and want to instill in them. When Christmas morning arrived in our own home, I found myself overwhelmed with joy at the abundant gifts we have, not simply materialistically, but the gifts we have and enjoy all year round. It is easy to get "wrapped up" in the toys, and the goodies, and it IS fun, that's why we do it! But to remember that it is about giving, about sharing... Because that is exactly what we are celebrating. The Gift, that God Shared. And we celebrate because of Him. So, I pray that you, too, enjoyed your own Christmas Morning Miracles, in remembrance of the first Christmas Morning Miracle ~ Jesus.
All is Calm... All is Bright....
Not so calm... But awfully bright!
Thank you Auntie Kai and Uncle Kevin!!!
Thank You Grammy and Ronpa!

Thank You, Papa!!!

Lea is pretty sleepy after all the unwrapping!
We give our love and thanks to all of you who gave our boys so much this Christmas, and throughout the year!

Christmas Eve

After our Christmas Eve program at church, I remembered that I had wanted to get a family picture of us... the goal was to get it in front of the tree in the pretty sanctuary, but we were in a rush, and the church was locked up. So, this is as good as it gets this year... ;o)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Walking In a Winter Wonderland

10th Ave.

First Baptist Church, Lewiston Idaho

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Innocent Until Proven...


Hetty, We love you. And we are so thankful that your parents laughed, and grabbed their camera, too. One of the many reasons they are our friends. *Wink*

The Perfect One

Christmas Tree ~ 2008

Noah, Caleb and Jonah

In awe...

Ready for Christmas Morning....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Matt!

My favorite moment yesterday ~

I sent the boys in to wake Matt up, and wish him a Happy Birthday. Jonah burst into the bedroom, jumped up on the bed and shouted:

"Wake up Daddy! Happy to YOU!!!"

Yes, Matt, a very Happy to you. We love you so much.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Eating, Urr... Making A Gingerbread House

Can I have a big Shout Out for Costco?!?!
Costco... You have the coolest Gingerbread House kits ever. And, it is cheaper than getting the stuff separately to make my own. Thanks for being a household tradition for three years now.
(Okay, I gotta say, though, that they are super gross to actually eat. But my guess is that regardless of the means of materials, if little kids are gumming on everything, licking hands, dipping back into candy, etc. it's gonna be gross to eat.) But you can't beat the fun. And to my boys, it's the perfect kick-off to the Christmas Season...

This years final Project
Noah, patiently placing each piece of candy. Then, he methodically took each piece off to eat it.

Jonah didn't get very far before he realized it was more fun to put in his mouth than on the cookie.
Gingerbread Making ~ 2008


We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with Bob's parents and family. Many of them are members of our church family, so it was fun to share the holiday with them. Bob's mom, Cathy, had no shortage of toys at her house! So, the boys had a BLAST! Caleb looked at me and said,
"Mama, it's Thanksgiving time, AND Christmas time!"
It was great... And to the Wicks/Cannon Family, we give a big 'Mahalo' to you for sharing your family with us this holiday...
After we stuffed ourselves, we went down to the Valley's Annual Festival of Trees. It is a fundraiser for a local hospital. Businesses from around the valley decorate trees in a certain theme, and create a little 'room' of goodies that goes with the theme of the tree... Some trees came with kids furniture, others flat screen T.V.'s. People then attend the auction, and purchase the trees and their goodies for crazy amounts of money... all donated to the hospital. The trees go anywhere from $1500 - $5000 But I hear last year one went for $12,500! Some tree!
Before the auction they have an open house for the community to go and view all the beautiful creations! We took the boys this year, and it was a hit!
Playing at Steve and Cathy's
YUMMY! (Notice Caleb's PB&J? Hey, we are all thankful for different things, ya?)

Out and About with Mr. Giraffe

Even Mr. Giraffe Loved The Festival of Trees!
Emily and Bob are always a big help with the boys!
Daddy and the boys enjoying the trees

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just Veggin'

Knowing how to take it easy is an important life skill...


When Daddy and Caleb went to Horse Therapy, the Little Boys and I went on a walk. Actually, it was more of an exploration. ;o) I thought they would tire out pretty quickly, since it was close to nap time, but these little troopers hoofed it around the neighborhood for over an hour! It started to get pretty cold, so we came in and enjoyed some hot chocolate. (The Hot Chocolate pictures should be at the end... but you get the idea...)
Noah and his coca mustache
Takin' some sips...
Jonah LOVED it, too!
Exploring the leaves
"Look Mama, a LEAF!!!"
(Christmas will be easy this year...) ;o)
Learning about a fire hydrant
Here we go!