Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun With Uncle Kevin, Auntie Kai, Baby Niya, and Grammy!!!

This post is LONG overdue! (Sorry Grammy!!!) In early March, my brother Kevin brought his beautiful wife, and darling baby girl to Lewiston for a visit! We have been trying to get together for some time, and since Kevin and Nikai were planning a big move to the East Coast, they made a special trip over to visit before they moved. To say we were excited is an extreme understatement! The Boys talked about it for days before they came, and were just delighted to finally meet their cousin Niya! Grammy came for the special visit, which made it even more wonderful! Not to mention it was an excellent photo op for Grammy to capture pictures of all her Grand Babies together!!! I know, I know... there are TONS of pictures on this post... I just could not decide what to leave out! So, I posted most of them! It was such a gift to have them, and we look forward to the next time we get to see them all!

Story time!
Auntie C with her girl! Niya, I am just so in love with you!!!

I could NOT resist this picture!!!!
Uncle Kevin building towers very quickly before the boys knocked them down.

Grammy playing Buzz Lightyear! :o)

This little girl is!
I mean, REALLY!!!!
Grammy and Auntie Kai blowing bubbles with the kiddos.
Grammy and Jonah chasing the geese.
Jonah was after them!
Grammy and Jonah. Two Peas in a Pod.
Jonah helping make food for Baby Niya.
She's a talker, for sure! Can't imagine where she gets that from.
Mommy and Daughter. So beautiful, those Sullivan girls!

Uncle Kevin teaching the Little Boys the Hand Slap Game.
Oh my, they were LOVING this!

I can just HEAR them laughing whenever I look at this picture!!!

Matt, Jonah, Caleb, Christine, Noah, Kevin, Nikai, Niya and Grammy....
Memories for a lifetime!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Noah's Anatomy

The other morning while snuggling in bed:

Noah (3), rubbing his chest: Mama... My elbows are getting bigger.