Friday, December 14, 2007

Wish List

Mommy: "So, Caleb... What do you want for Christmas?"
Caleb: "A Christmas Pony."
Mommy: "Wow, that would be neat! What do you think Noah and Jonah want for Christmas?"
Caleb: "Umm... Christmas Jammies."

Oh... First Child Syndrome must be totally universal. I remember my parents telling me that before I could talk, they asked my brother what he thought I wanted, to which he responded "She said she wants G.I. Joe's."
Right. That, and Christmas Jammies. ;o)


neuropoet3 said...

This only changes a bit with age. :) My sisters both made wish lists this year - Tami asked for a kitten (which mom will never agree to) - and then Stevie asked for "a kitten for Tami". The twist here is this way she could enjoy a kitten when she's home - since they don't allow pets in the dorms... :)

neuropoet3 said...

Oh and I forgot to add -- Andrew is going to be home on leave for Christmas!!!! He arrives on Wednesday and I can't tell you how happy/relieved I am that he's home from Iraq safely!