Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun on the Farm!!!

We had so much fun playing out on the Sullivan Farm! The boys, and the dog, enjoyed playing in the sprinkler, and riding on Papa's tractor. Papa gave them each their own ride... twice! ;o)
What is it about boys and their facination with water and peeing?

Even Lea joined in the fun! She even gets to stay out on the farm while we relax in Seaside.

Papa lets Noah take the wheel!
Jonah and Papa wave to Mommy!
Caleb is showing Papa how to do it.


Neuropoet said...

HA! That fascination with water and peeing doesn't seem to wear off for awhile. Levi is seven and still thinks "potty-humor" is hilarious...

You're probably going to be slammed while you're here, but if you have a few minutes we could visit for a bit -- I'm home most of the time (at mom's) since Brandon works a lot of hours right now...

I hope you have a great vacation - you've earned it!!!

big hugs,

Emily and Bob said...

I miss you so so so much! When will you guys be home? After you get settled enough for vistors - please give me a call. =)