Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little Drummer Boys

Noah and Jonah LOVE to drum... on anything. And to wear creative hat's, well, that just makes it more fun. So many people have teased us about having an actual drum set for the boys. They ask us who hated us so much to buy that for the boys... ;o) In all honestly, Matt and I are the guilty ones! As a musician, there is nothing I love more than to expose the boys to music, and allow them to be creative with it! I would much rather hear them playing their drums than listen to annoying electronic toys! HA!

Noah (Chop Sticks make good drum sticks, too...)

Jonah was doing an amazing job of playing the foot pedals, too!!!
Every drummer wishes he didn't have to wear pants.


Neuropoet said...

What fun!! I love that last quote, "Every drummer wishes that he didn't have to wear pants." LOL!!!


Emily, Bob and Etta said...

I hope that Baby Etta gets a drum set someday. I love Cathy's little piano and so does Etta. I think because she can do whatever she wants with it. She isn't limited to a button that makes the noise for her. Stubborn little gal!

Newmommykai said...

Who doesn't wish that they didn't have to wear pants?!? That sounds just like Uncle Kevin and he doesn't even play the drums! :)

Grammy said...

Ohhhh My What More could be said re: the drummer with no pants! too Cute! and Aunti Kai you are right on! with your Post! Dadddy to be Kevin! I bet he could play the drum if he tried! I am pretty good at it...My Little Drummer Boys, I Look forward to a concert When Grammy and ROnPa come for our next visit! We Love you ALL!