Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Can you believe that Noah and Jonah are 3 years old, already?! June 5th marked their third birthday, and we, in the tradition started by my mother with Kevin and I, celebrated it BIG! ;o) Each birthday gives me the reminder of how blessed we are. I am taken back to that magical day, three years ago, when the Lord blessed us with the, then, tiny miracles. The day of their birth is still very vivid in my memory, and I marvel at the circumstances... Their beautiful birth mother, Andrea, is ever present in my heart. Without her selfless gift of love to her children, I would not be their mother. Andrea, we love you.
The day was FULL of fun! We started the day blowing birthday blowers, and singing, and listening to Jonah sing/shout "Happy Birthday To Jonah!" They KNEW it was their special day, as we have been counting down for awhile now. They were SO excited for their "Birthday Bash" (as they continually called it). In the afternoon, we had lots of friends come over to join in the party...

Jonah and Noah swinging... We held our party outside in the back yard. YAY for Summer Birthdays! ;o)

We set up our pool, and ALL the kids joined in the fun! Even Baby Etta had a GREAT time in the water! (Isn't she PRECIOUS?!?!?!)

Birthday Bash Pool Fun!

Awaiting Presents!

What could it be?

Big brother, Caleb had a GREAT time, too!!!

The boys were ALL about having a pinata! It was awesome! All the kids thought it was GREAT! My favorite was when Caleb said: "It's a henrietta! It's pinata in Spanish."

Noah put his whole body into his swing!

Jonah taking his turn!

After some help from Bonnie, one of our college girls, the pinata broke open and the mayhem truly began!

And to add to the sugar rush, GIANT cupcakes!

Jonah blowing out his candle.... I didn't think about having the girls take the pictures from the other side, or turning towards the camera... oh, well... The boys loved that they each got their own little cake, and their own birthday song.

Pretty tasty frosting!

I LOVE this picture of Noah!

Noah and Jonah, Happy Birthday my sweet boys! Mommy and Daddy love you more than words can say. We are so thankful for each of you, and the joy you bring to us!


Neuropoet said...

Happy Birthday boys! It looks like you all had a wonderful day!!

hugs and birthday blessings,

Ladners'Latest said...

I think the boys were 4 months old when we first met you guys! It's hard to believe they're already 3!

andreadudoit808 said...

i love u all...and much MAHALO, matt & christine. hi caleb!, hi noah!, hi jonah!....

"HAUOLI LA HANAU"(happy birthday)