Monday, October 19, 2009


Grammy and Ronpa made a trip out to Lewiston to come with us to the annual Nez Perce County Fair! It is one of the years big highlights for our boys, and you can imagine their glee that Grammy and Ronpa came out for it! Actually, our first year here, Grammy and Ronpa took Caleb out for his first fair adventure, just the three of them... Caleb still remembers it, and was thrilled to go on many of the same rides with Grammy!

This "kiddy coaster" looks harmless, but if you are over 4ft. tall, it REALLY tosses you around! Grammy was bruised and sore for days after this ride! I have to admit, it banged me around a bit, too. But we were laughing hysterically the whole time... Mostly because we were shocked that such a little ride could whip us so much!
Great shot of the hair, Ronpa! I thought this was priceless!
Caleb just went down a SUPER big slide! I was very proud, and so was he!!! I LOVE that Grammy caught our high-five in the air!
Jonah, Noah and Ronpa waiting their turn! ;o)
Noah is THRILLED that he is tall enough!!!
Riding the Race Cars.
We were in line with a little girl that Caleb has in his kindergarten class! Samara insisted on the front, and Caleb was just happy to ride with his friend! They were too cute!

Is it our turn, yet?

Jonah and Grammy getting a close up with the horses.

Matt, Grammy and the Twins checking out the geese.
And, of course, we HAD to get ice cream! Cookie dough is the new favorite with the boys!
More rides!
Grammy and her boys riding the "Silly Bears"!
We finished the day with a delightful ride on the Ferris Wheel... Daddy and Caleb rode together, and I was sitting with Noah and Jonah... Grammy and Ronpa were just ahead of us.
We had the BEST time together! It was a wonderful day, full of wonderful memories!


Neuropoet said...

What a happy day - and such great pictures!! :)


Grammy said...

Ronpa & I had such a Great! Time! Can't wait to do it again! WE JUST LOVE MAKING MEMORIES! And being able to share watching "MY BOYS" grow up! LOVE YOU!