Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What The Tooth Fairy Brings...

Our Big Boy is just now getting a few loose teeth... Not super wiggly, but getting there. He is super stoked about it, since his 'very best friend, Macy' has already lost 8 teeth. So yesterday...

Caleb (6): Mom... my teeth are getting wiggly, then they'll fall out and I'll have pukas in my mouth!
Me: That's right! Then, what will the Tooth Fairy bring you?
Caleb: Big teeth like my Dad's!
Me: Your a cheap date, Buddy.


Emily, Bob and Etta said...

LOVE that you have given each of the boys there very own super star post. And not three all in one day. And not one super cute story and two others kind of made up to sound super cute because you wanted to include all three. But three splendid, separate super star posts. You rock!!

(Not that you do those things that I mentioned...but you know, some people feel the need...)