Monday, November 21, 2011

You Can Read, Can't You?

The boys know that there are certain things that Mommy will not do with them, or for them. I do lots of things with them and for them, but there is a short list of Mommy's Untouchables:
*Puzzles (I don't care how many pieces)
*Putting together transformers
*Setting up electronics

Well, the other day, Jonah was begging me to put his transformer from the robot, back into a car....

Me: That's not gonna happen buddy.

Jonah (5), brings me the blue print, a step by step instruction paper of how to do it: Here you go, Mommy.

Me: Ya, Sweety... Still not gonna happen. You know Mommy doesn't do that. I just get frustrated. Daddy will be home soon.

Jonah: Well, here is the instructions. Can you read, can't you?

Me: Ya. I can read.

Jonah: If you can read, you can put it together.


Jenny said...

:) I read your blog, and it makes me wish I had one when Isaac was a little boy - especially now that his 14th birthday is coming up in 10 days... All the priceless quotes go by so quickly...

All my love to you and your precious ones!

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