Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So, it was our first time seeing snow. For me, it has been about 7 years. For the boys, it was their first time ever. The morning started out like any other. But as I was finishing up the boys' breakfast, I looked out my kitchen window. Up on the hill it was obviously snowing pretty hard. If you have never been to Lewiston, it's hard to imagine, but honestly, from my house it takes, at most, 5 minutes to get to the top of "the hill", where the snow was clearly falling. But here in the valley it was just warm enough to send only rain. I was miffed at being left out, but excited that I could see it, and get to it so quickly. I asked Caleb if he wanted to go play in the snow. He said "No. The snow is too cold. I want the beach please!" I laughed so hard, gave a quick explanation of how seasons work (once again), and loaded up the boys. Just as suspected, within five minutes, the snow was falling. I was enjoying the drive so much, that we went the 30 minutes to Moscow (the town just north of us). Both babies fell asleep watching the snow falling out their windows, but Caleb was ready to play! We parked, and Caleb and I went just outside the car for his first adventure with snow. (No worries, I was about 4 feet from the car at all times.) About three minutes into our fun, Caleb came up to me with bright red hands and said "Mama, Caleb's hands are owie!" (Yes, he is still like Elmo, referring to himself in the third person. I think it's adorable.) And to my HORROR I realized that being in Hawaii for 6 years must have FRIED MY BRAIN, since I had totally neglected to even BUY gloves for my poor children's hands. I was mortified with myself and promptly began warming them up. Which was another exciting lesson for Caleb... Blowing can both cool food down, and warm hands up. A miraculous wonder. All in all, it was delightful to see the snow again, and watch my Big Boy discover the wonder of it. And the pain. But I am trying to forget about that last part. We drove home in the beautiful snow, and as my littlest ones slept, I was finding myself rejoicing at being able to delight in the beauty of God's creativity, and also rejoicing in the fact that the babies remained sleeping, thus pain free, as I had no gloves for their little hands either. This will be corrected the next time we go to the snow. As will the timing of their naps. But, in the meantime, enjoy these pictures.


neuropoet3 said...

Oooo Snow!!!!!! YAY!!! We had a light snowfall yesterday, but it was gone by this morning (which I suppose was a good thing since we had to go out and about today). :( I really do love the snow - it's like God paints the world clean... :)