Saturday, November 10, 2007


Or as Caleb said "More treat please!" We had such a great time taking the boys trick-or-treating around our beautiful neighborhood. Caleb really wanted to be "George" so we thought making the twins bananas would be cute. It sure was! A couple ladies in our church helped by making the banana costumes. They altered yellow chick costumes, made stems for hats, and viola! Sure, there were little fuzzy bananas, but they were warm, and surely no one would try to eat them. ;o) The boys were mega troopers, they just kept truckin' along. Caleb LOVES trick-or-treating, so the NoJo's caught on pretty quick that this was something they should want to do to. Matt would unload them from the wagon and they would go bang on the doors. I had to remind Caleb several times the he just needed to ring the door bell once. Our great friends, Bob and Emily came to enjoy the night with us. Once we had more than our fair share of loot, we loaded the boys up and took them around to see some folks from church. They were a big hit, of course!


mindy said...

Ok! so your boys are SO totally adorable! I'm adding you to my reader so I can follow you more closely :)

hugs to you all!

neuropoet3 said...

Oh my gosh! They're so cute! George and a couple of bananas -- you can't really beat that... :)
Hope your November is going well so far - I'm so excited Thanksgiving is coming!

Wahine said...

Grammy sure Loves that monkey and those cute little bananas!!!

ian said...


Christine said...

Mega Woot!