Sunday, April 13, 2008

Whoo Hoo! Warmer Days are Here!

Everyone got a turn to "drive". Here, Noah is steering, but Caleb is pushing the gas.
Big smiles from our boys!

Jonah's turn behind the wheel.

Noah is super relaxed after his turn in the car swing.

Jonah is having a blast in the sand box!


Big Boy Caleb!!!

Fun Times!


So, here we are enjoying our weekend of warm weather. The weather report said that we haven't seen temperatures this high since the beginning of October. Ya. Six months ago. As much as I have LOVED the cool fire place weather, I am SO eager for Spring, and the fun in the sun that we are so used to. You know, I think I actually like it more since I have to anticipate it. How weird is that. Appreciation is a weird thing. Here are some pictures of us enjoying our back yard frolic. The boys have been delighted to be in the yard. And exhausted by bed time. It's great! ;o)


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