Friday, November 28, 2008


We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with Bob's parents and family. Many of them are members of our church family, so it was fun to share the holiday with them. Bob's mom, Cathy, had no shortage of toys at her house! So, the boys had a BLAST! Caleb looked at me and said,
"Mama, it's Thanksgiving time, AND Christmas time!"
It was great... And to the Wicks/Cannon Family, we give a big 'Mahalo' to you for sharing your family with us this holiday...
After we stuffed ourselves, we went down to the Valley's Annual Festival of Trees. It is a fundraiser for a local hospital. Businesses from around the valley decorate trees in a certain theme, and create a little 'room' of goodies that goes with the theme of the tree... Some trees came with kids furniture, others flat screen T.V.'s. People then attend the auction, and purchase the trees and their goodies for crazy amounts of money... all donated to the hospital. The trees go anywhere from $1500 - $5000 But I hear last year one went for $12,500! Some tree!
Before the auction they have an open house for the community to go and view all the beautiful creations! We took the boys this year, and it was a hit!
Playing at Steve and Cathy's
YUMMY! (Notice Caleb's PB&J? Hey, we are all thankful for different things, ya?)

Out and About with Mr. Giraffe

Even Mr. Giraffe Loved The Festival of Trees!
Emily and Bob are always a big help with the boys!
Daddy and the boys enjoying the trees


Neuropoet said...

What a Happy Thanksgiving!! :) We were at mom's and Andrew was home on Leave - it was wonderful to see him! :)


Wahine said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I am so glad you had good friends to share it with this year! I missed you all!!! Love the pictures! Love you LOTS! GRAMMY

joy said...

Christine! was looking through the pictures and something on this pic caught my eye! is that MR. GIRAFFE the same MR. GIRAFFE from hawaii?? :)