Friday, May 9, 2008

Tami and Tommy Visit

One of my closest friends, Tami, and her husband and daughter drove out from Portland for a visit this week. Their beautiful daughter, Laura (2 1/2), was just a delight! We enjoyed catching up, though this is never hard, as it seems that no matter how much time has past, we just seem to pick up where we left of. The three days were filled with fun at the the local aquatic center, late night chats, and Matt and Tommy enjoying a little golf together. It was great. I am so thankful for your friendship, Tami, and it meant so much to me to have you come and visit our home. The last 16 years of friendship have been a blessing to me, and I look forward to many more!


Wahine said...

Well, Don't you girls look all grown up! It is good to see your smiles and I am so glad you have your special friendship! What a cutie pie that little Laura is!!!! And of course those boys! are the most handsome boys around!!! Love you!!!! Grammy