Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun with Daddy

Wrestling, playing, riding the "Daddy Horsey", all these terms are used for the loving abuse Matt takes nearly every night as he plays with the boys! We have a blast! And, if Matt is lucky, they will "surf" on his back just right, to give him a, sort of, massage... ;o)

Jonah, Noah and Caleb... I wonder when they'll be too big to all ride at once...
Caleb and Daddy
Noah... in process of toppling over in fun
Jonah laughing because Daddy is pretending to be asleep
I couldn't resist this smile!


Neuropoet said...

Oh -- this time passes so quickly, my boys still love to wrestle with Daddy in the evenings... but they have to be careful no one gets hurt now (especially Daddy)! Hahaha!! At 11 and almost 8 they're a lot bigger than they used to be, (but they give really good massages now)... :)

I have a lot of pictures of when we had all four kids wrestling with Daddy - he sure got a work out then - :) It's a good thing he was a couple of years younger... HA! (He just had his 34th birthday last Saturday... which means it's official -- 30 is right around the corner.) :)

sending hugs,