Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yes, different spelling, but like the princess. ;o) Lea, regardless of what Matt will tell you, is a member of our family. The boys adore her, and she adores her boys! Even Matt. Which is beyond me, because he is the last one to give her affection, and yet she seeks him out and is very protective of him. For example, if Matt is sleeping in, she will sleep by the door until he gets up, and sometimes will cry outside the door until I let her in to sleep on the floor by his side. She'll camp outside the bathroom as he showers. It's so funny... But the other boys, she adores just as much. The boys do all the things that they say to never let kids do to dogs... pull on her, jump on her, take her bones...etc. She has such a sweet nature, and just loves them so much, she just takes it like a champ. She'll treat them like her puppies and nudge them away if they start to bug her. But all in all, I think she loves getting to play with her puppies. I am so thankful to have such a loving dog for the boys!!!

Jonah and Lea hanging out... watching Space Buddies. Seriously.


Neuropoet said...

That pic of the two of them watching a show together is too cute. :) I have to admit there's something really special about the place a pet has within a family. We have our two cats that are definitely part of the family -- Dante acts more like a dog sometimes though. :) He plays "fetch," follows you around, etc... They both seem to know when the boys "need" their help calming down - and they know when I'm having a "bad" day and can't get out of bed well -- Emma will come in and lay on top of me to keep an eye on me. LOL! I'm so thankful God gave us pets!! :)

Newmommykai said...

Thanks goodness for good dogs!! They give the rest of the dog world a good name. I love to hear about a well mannered and patient family dog that loves everyone in the family. It is wonderful to feel that your children are safe with your pet... no questions! They/you are so fortunate to have Lea! :)
Lea is now on the list of the 4 dogs in the world that I love!