Monday, March 16, 2009


After I spent some time doing evening chores, and Matt read several stories to the boys, I sat down for a quick break...

Noah (2): Mommy, read more stories!

Mommy: Noah, Mommy's just gonna sit down for a few minutes by myself.

Noah, snuggling close by with the books: I sit by yourself, too!


Grammy said...

How can YOu resist that? Bring on the book! Love yo Noah!

Ladners'Latest said...

Don't you just love it when you're totally exhausted and trying to enjoy a minute's peace and then they go and be all irresistible! (That's a really sweet story)

farmgirl beth said...

*someday*, I'm told, we will look back and wish for those moments again! Nothing like being smothered with love, eh? :)

Newmommykai said...

That is just about the cutest thing I have heard all week (or since the last time I read your blog). Way to go Noah... bet you read him the books yeah?! :)

I am so looking forward to those type of irresistible statements!

And at the same time thankful that babies don't talk at birth... what a ride that would be! :)