Friday, March 13, 2009

March Madness

It is pretty unusual for Lewiston to get snow in March. We are in a deep valley, that often traps in heat... Drive up the hill, and it's much colder and gets much more snow. Drive down into our wonderful Valley, and you'll have Spring arrive a full month earlier than up on the hill. Natives to the area call it a "Banana Belt". After this last winter, I am laughing even harder than I did when I moved here from Hawai'i. But, the boys sure did enjoy our Pre-Spring Surprise!

They LOVE making snow men. I must admit I have a fond affection for them, too. ;o)
Who wouldn't want to hug the friendly fellow?
Caleb, just stay away from flag poles.
BIG smooches from Jonah!
Everyone pitched in!
Daddy is the Snow Man Making King.


Newmommykai said...

That is a very impressive snow man for the amount of snow that you had on the ground. I am assuming you must have had to clear everyone's yard in order to accumulate enough snow! :)

We got some snow here too... but nobody wanted to build a snowman with me and I didn't want to bend over that much by myself... ;)

I will enjoy yours vicariously! :)

Thanks boys!!!