Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

We had a WONDERFUL Memorial Day Weekend... The sun has been out, and we have been thrilled to be in the great outdoors once again! Here are SEVERAL pictures of us enjoying our weekend!

Jonah and Noah enjoying Otter Pops (A true Summer staple...)
We even set up the pool and had our first splash around of the year!

Caleb enjoying the pool
Caleb and Jonah digging in... Watermelon is a big hit in our family... We are close to being able to polish off an entire melon in one sitting!

Taking a watermelon break
Our biggest watermelon fan!
On Memorial Day, we were invited up to Bob and Emily's family cabin about 45 min. away... It was a beautiful retreat! The boys played so much, enjoyed being "deep in the woods", as Caleb put it. We collected pine cones, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and Steve even gave each of the boys a ride on the 4 wheeler! It was a delightful day!
Jonah and Steve
Noah and Steve
Caleb's turn!
"More, more, Uncle Steve!" ;o)
Checking things out.
Enjoying some snacks.
Noah and Jonah watching as Caleb roasts his first marshmallow!
Caleb, you are getting to be such a big boy!
Caleb: "It's DELICIOUS!"


Molly Wicks said...

What an awesome time!! I must say Christine I think you are one of the first to wear shorts to the cabin! That must be a rule somewhere that I just never thought about until I saw you! Hopefully there will be many more trips to the cabin!

Christine said...

HAHA!!! That's SO funny that you say that! I was in shorts, ready to head out, and Matt said "Uh, Bob said we need to wear long pants." I thought, "What does Bob know anyway?!?!" hee hee! I guess it's just another example of me being a rule breaker through and through! We had a GREAT time! Hope we can go there with you and Jim sometime!