Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Bets

As my beautiful sister-in-law is at this very moment laboring to bring her and my brothers first baby into the world, I thought it would be fun to ask the boys what they thought about their soon to arrive cousin.

Mommy: Boys, what do you think the baby will be; a boy, or a girl?

Jonah: Auntie Kai have baby girl. A big, little girl.
Caleb: It's gonna be a baby girl... a tiny cute baby girl! Baby cousin will have a pacifier! Just like Baby Caleb.
Noah: Nope. A BOY! Baby Boy!

Nikai and Kevin, we are praying for you unceasingly today. We are all so excited for the arrival of this baby. You are both going to be wonderful parents, and Little Blueberry is so blessed to have you as his OR her Mommy and Daddy! We love you, all three of you, so very, very much!