Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I think I may have had the best Valentines Day ever this year. Really, it was magical. I am so blessed with the abundance of love that fills my home each day.
The day started out like every other... getting the boys ready for school. Caleb was very excited for his Valentine party at school, and was so happy that Mommy was coming, too.
While the boys were at school, I hit the dollar store, and picked up three adorable monkey balloons, and a few decorations to make the day a real celebration. As Noah pointed out that morning "Mom? Is this Valentines Day?" Me: "Yep! It's today." Noah: "Where's the decorations, Mom?" Right. I'll get on that, Buddy. ;o)
When I picked the Twins up from school, they came home to their Valentine balloons, and the some decorations that made it feel like a real holiday...
Matt came home early, as his work schedule is having him work on his day off this week, and I was able to go to Caleb's Valentine party at school. He was SO excited to see Mommy! We partied hard in Room 10, made banana splits, and then I decided to stay the rest of the day so Caleb could show me some of the things he has been working on. I went down to his Special Ed room with him, and he showed me how hard he has been working on learning to tie a shoe! Would you believe it, my little man DID IT! I had tears streaming down my face as I watched him conquer this task that is so easy for some, but has been quite a motor challenge for him. As you can see in the picture below, he was quite proud! I was, too.
That night we had a family "date"! I made homemade fettuccine alfredo, and we had soda in our special Valentines cups (the boys loved doing "cheers" throughout the dinner.) We also went around the table, and told each member of the family something we love about them. (see below for that re-cap) It was such a joy to spend Valentines Day with the 4 guys I love the most. I am one blessed girl. ;o)

Caleb... Tieing a shoe!!!!

Party time in first grade!

Jonah getting the last drop of soda!
Noah's SO happy to have a treat!

Balloons make GREAT Valentines!

A romantic dinner with my Boys!
Caleb (7): I love Daddy because he works hard at his meetings.
I love Mommy because she came to my school today, and saw my party and my school.
Noah (4): I love Daddy because he is strong.
I love Mommy because she takes good care of us.
Jonah (4): I love Daddy because he made us our big boy beds.
I love Mommy because she makes good food.