Monday, June 16, 2008

Dirt Lovers

While Grammy was here, she also spent time sprucing up my flower beds and baskets. They were in desperate need of sprucing up, and this is one gift that was not genetically passed on to me. Hopefully, it is a skill that I can acquire through practice. Mom... thank you, a thousand times over for all you did!
Grammy is explaining to Jonah that the dirt needs to stay in the pot. Right, Grammy. Good luck with that one. ;o)

Grammy and her Boys


neuropoet3 said...

Ah yes, dirt stays in the pot - except for the magnetic stuff that seems to stick to boy clothes... :) Isaac has a thing about riding his bike through the mud puddles on the road - remember how huge those are? Well, funny thing, they don't make fenders over bike tires anymore - perhaps that mud speckled backside (from the neck to the ankle) is in fashion? :) Boys.... :)