Monday, June 16, 2008

Horse Therapy

Friday, before Grammy headed home after a long week of caring for me and the boys, we all took Caleb to his weekly horse therapy session. It was the first time Jonah and Noah have been able to go as well. Since the little girl who normally rides alongside Caleb was not there, the twins were given the chance to ride a horse also!!! Jonah LOVED it!!! Noah was much more timid, and didn't really feel good about being on a big horse. It was such a treat to see the twins participate, and to share it with Grammy, too. We had a wonderful time!!!

Jonah riding behind big brother

Noah preferred riding on Daddy's shoulders. Certainly a safe place to be.

Too Cute!

Following Caleb

Noah is not so sure

He stayed on for a short ride

Caleb and Jonah "barrel racing" ;o)

Caleb was excited to share his special time with Jonah. At least this once. ;o)
Cowboy Jonah
Caleb's the Pro... As he shouts "Walk On Penny!!!"


farmgirl beth said...

We REALLY need to get our little rascals together this summer!

neuropoet3 said...

They're all getting so big! Time sure does pass quickly - at least when you're not getting around with a cane. :)