Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun on The Town

Here are some shots of our outings on the town...
Standing at the famous Turn Around in the heart of Seaside
Papa came down for a day and shared the fun of feeding the seals, riding bumper cars, and the carousel, as well as sharing elephant ears and ice cream with the boys. It was lots of fun!!!
Caleb enjoying his ice cream
One of the seals the boys fed. They were cute. Their food was not.
Even Mommy and Daddy got to ride the carousel!
(Caleb was not a fan of this ride. But Jonah and Noah rode it every day. Twice.)
Caleb's favorite game at the arcade was the Bonk the Shark game. It was hilarious! Although you and I know of a place like this as an arcade, Caleb insisted that it was a "Space Port". He even spits a bit when he says it, he's so excited. ;o)
They never really change.
Daddy with his Mini-Me's.
The Twins gearing up for action!