Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Power of Positive Thinking

Caleb, I hate to say it, is a pretty picky eater. For about a year and a half, he lived off peanut butter sandwiches. Then, it became the Era of the Mini-Wheat's. Frosted, of course. Well, in an effort to widen his exposure to nutrients, I have started to bribe him a bit more. It's really very simple:

Mama: Caleb... I'll give you a cookie if you eat all your lunch.

This usually has pretty good results. But yesterday, after making a fresh batch of peanut butter cookies, I realized that my sweet boy really is trying. I made scrambled egg sandwiches, and told Caleb that if he ate it, he could have a yummy warm cookie. He wasn't thrilled. But he was determined.

Caleb takes bite of sandwich and begins to gag. Literally, gag.

Caleb, as gagging with tears welling up in his eyes says: Caleb loves egg sandwich!

Mama: Really? You love it, huh?

Caleb, while fighting gag reflex: Oh ya! It's like candy.


Ladners'Latest said...

Oh Christine! That story made me smile. (and laugh) What a sweet sweet boy. Sounds like he's got a GREAT attitude. You should be proud. Miss you guys!

Neuropoet said...

:) LOL! Those must be some really good cookies. What a wonderful little boy you have! :)

Owen Party of Five said...

That's hilarious. It sounds like something an adult would say to avoid hurting someone else's feelings about not so great food, but apparently he just really wanted that cookie!

TaraLynn said...

Aw...too funny. Callan is my picky one. We are still in the (cringe now) hot dog era. I think everyone should have one picky eater. You must make some pretty good cookies.

farmgirl beth said...

Sigh. I feel you, Caleb! (although I do love me a fried egg sandwich). Keep that positive outlook, and you will go far in life!