Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hanging out at Grammy's!

We had so much fun staying with my mom, and her husband, Ron (Ronpa) for a couple days, too! The boys LOVE staying at Grammy's. Especially since there are always "New toys hiding in the closets!". Auntie Nikai, and Uncle Kevin also came for a visit, but I was not as good about my picture planning. I was really enjoying just relaxing and visiting with my wonderful brother, and his amazing wife. I'll make sure to have better planning next time!
My mom always has beautiful flowers in her flower gardens. These Lillie's were stunning! And so very fragrant.

Grammy is showing Noah and Jonah her photo albums. They are always excited to look at pictures of themselves!

Ronpa with Jonah, and Caleb is, once again, pretending he's a doggy in the doggies bed

Jonah and Noah are helping Grammy mix up the batter for waffles
I thought it was Grammys "special" bubbles making this tubby extremely bubbly. Little did I know Jonah had taken their shampoo bottle and opened it under the water. The bubbles were overflowing, and once it was all down the drain, the only thing remaining was an empty bottle of kiddo shampoo.
Noah and Jonah climb up on the big lawn mowers. No, Matt, our yard is NOT big enough for one. ;o)


Neuropoet said...

Oh my gosh! That bubble escapade is just too cute! I guess they definitely got clean!


TaraLynn said...

I loved all the pictures and narratives about your trip! Your kids are getting so big and super cute. Thanks for being so good about updating your are truly an inspiration. ;-P