Monday, September 22, 2008

Caleb is 5!!!

Can you believe that five years have passed since God Wowed us with the arrival of Caleb?!?! Everyone tells you that it goes by fast...but experiencing it is so different. Whenever the boys have a birthday, I always reflect back on the time of their birth, what life was like, and mostly what God was teaching me. Caleb's is especially poignant to me, as his arrival came as I had just walked through some of the darkest days of my life. I remember those extreme emotions, both the sorrow, hopelessness, and deep despair of wanting a child, yet dealing with infertility. Then the shear elation, wonder and awe of watching God work the miracle of bringing Caleb to us, and us to Caleb. We talk a lot about the boys journey's to us, as it is something that reminds us of the Glory of God, and is such a beautiful display of His loving hand at work in all five of our lives. Something that has been thoroughly enjoyable as Caleb is getting older, is his budding interest in the time of his birth. He has been very interested in me telling him the story of the day he was born. He says something like: Mama... Please snuggle Caleb and tell about when Caleb was born!
Oh! The Joy! How I love to tell that story. What a beautiful day it was. As if the years of prayers were wrapped up in that glorious moment of your arrival.
Caleb, I tell you often how special you are to me... It was you who God chose to make me a Mother. And I thank Him daily for that gift.

Does this cake look familiar? After looking through Grammy's pictures and seeing the Pooh Bear Cake from his 1st birthday, all Caleb wanted was a Pooh Bear cake this year. I tried over and over to have him think through all the things he liked now that he was five, but none of them caught his eye like having a party just like his first birthday.

A Big Boy Bike!
After years of therapy for his low muscle tone, Caleb is finally able to ride a big bike! He still struggles with it a bit, but we are so confident in his ability to overcome his struggle with hypotonia, we know he'll be peddling with the best of them!


Even Jonah and Noah had a few presents to open thanks to Grandma Vonnie, and friends from church!