Monday, September 22, 2008

Round Up Parade 2008

We had so much fun at the Lewiston Round Up Parade! It was our second time going, and it's hard to believe we have been here over a year already. Baby Etta, in the right corner of the first picture, was just beginning to grow in her Mommy's tummy, and here she is this year, watching with delight! The boys have grown so much, and just loved the parade this year. They all even ran out to grab candy thrown in the street.
Bob, Emily, Baby Etta, Jonah, Mommy, and Noah all enjoying the parade!
Jonah and Noah enjoying the parade! I can't believe how BIG they look!!!

We got to the parade a little early, so Daddy walked the boys down the street as a pre-show treat to the by standers. I am sure they loved it. ;o)

Below is Jonah dancing to the groovy high school marching band! He does this all the time with music. Both Noah and Jonah really feel music. It is so fun to watch them!