Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Boy Fun Day!

In August we took Caleb to Silverwood Theme Park up near Spokane for a special big boy day. Silverwood has an an amusement park and a water park. We knew Caleb would love it, but the twins are just a bit too young still. Bob and Emily graciously stayed with Noah and Jonah and made sure they had a fun play day at home! We had such a GREAT time, and it was awesome to spend special time with just Caleb. As the boys get older, we plan on doing special things with them individually as much as we can, it's such a great way to get them to open up even more, and be able to connect with them in a special way.
This big bucket would fill up with water, and dump on the people below.
Caleb LOVED the water park! No big surprise there... He has been a water boy from the very beginning!!

This shot just shows the water village that we spent most of our time at

Splashing around

We treated ourselves to some yummy ice cream after rides, and before the water park. Caleb was elated to have Oreo ice cream with M&M's on top!!!


Riding the helicopter

This was Caleb's favorite ride! He loved flying the plane!!!

The big train