Saturday, November 8, 2008

In Which Pooh, Tigger, the Bumble Bee and Tree find candy...

On October 1st, I pulled out all of my Fall/Harvest decorations, and the boys and I had lots of fun decorating our house for Fall. Caleb, especially, loved getting all of our pumpkin decorations out, and was elated the whole day, as he knew it was the beginning of a fun packed holiday season. That night, as the sun went down and we sat together eating dinner, Caleb gasped "Mama! The sun is going down! It's Halloween time!!! Please find my costume, FAST!!!"
My heart sank.
He knows the order of events now. Being a big five year old boy. But the concept of having to wait, is still a bit beyond him. Okay, and me too sometimes. When I explained that we were only decorating, and showed him the calender of when Halloween actually was, giant tears rolled down his cheeks. He didn't whine. He didn't argue. His heart was just broken. I explained that we had lots of other fun things to do before trick-or-treating, like going to the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, playing in the leaves, etc. And so began the count down. Every morning during our calendar time, we would count down how many days until Halloween. It made it extra special when the day finally came!
My mom came out to help with the boys as I had surgery on November 3, but she decided to come out a few days early to join in the Halloween fun! Caleb really wanted to be a Bumble Bee, we already had a Tigger costume, and so I found a Winnie the Pooh costume to go with the theme. Grammy decided to be a tree from the Hundred Acre Wood, to complete our cast.

NOTE: See Emily's Blog for the Adorable pictures of Baby Etta. We Trick-or-Treated with her, too!

Getting Ready

Here we go!
In search of sweet things


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