Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Behind The Times

I have been seriously behind in my blogging. I dunno... There has been a part of me that just hasn't had the desire to post in the last several months... Sometimes it is just fun to LIVE it, and I was pressuring myself about blogging... GOTTA get a post about this and that. So, I just released my self pressure, and just lived. Enjoying and soaking up every moment without feeling like I had to share it with the world. It was nice, actually.
But now? I am over it. I have the desire to post updates again, and that makes it fun, right?! With the Holidays behind us, and a year of excitement ahead, I am eager to keep my record of the blessings and goings on of our family....
Stay tuned! And I hope there are still people out there who check my blog! Hahaha... We'll see!


Anonymous said...

yep, we still check it! hi to matt! Danny Imes

Ladners'Latest said...

Hooray! You're back.

Anonymous said...

I'm still checking it - and love seeing you back! (But totally get the "just living it" thing.) :)