Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thinking It Through...

Caleb has one seriously loose tooth. His very first one. It has actually been loose for while now... But since it has gotten really wiggly, he has had some second thoughts about this whole 'teeth falling out of your mouth' thing. And really, it is pretty disturbing until you are able to process that it happens to everyone, and yes, new teeth do come it to replace the ones that fall out. Each night, we wiggle the tooth a little more, and check on it's progress... and each night, tears well up in Caleb's eyes and he says "Mama, I'm just so worried about my tooth!" It just breaks my heart. So to ease his anxiety, while we were tucking all the boys in bed last night, I informed him that the Tooth Fairy has told me that she has a new Thomas the Train engine to give him, BUT he will have to switch her. He gives her his tooth, she give him a train. Last night, as we were discussing this magical transaction, Caleb seemed to perk up a bit. But as I explained it I also noticed that the Twins were listening intently to this impending deal, and Noah, well, he had some concerns about the logistics of how it would work...

Me: So, once your tooth comes out, we'll put it on your shelf, and the Tooth Fairy will come and leave you a train!

Noah (4): Will she drive her car here, Mama?

Me, very matter-of-fact: No, Honey, she'll fly.

Noah: Will she use wings, or an airplane?

Me: She'll use her fairy wings.

Jonah (4): That's pretty silly, Mama.

Noah: Ya. I think she should just drive.


Jeana said...

Seriously, why get tired just for one tooth? They are so funny!

Newmommykai said...

Yeah... I think we might need to come up with a 21st century fairy...this whole "fly in on your fairy wings" is pretty old school! Ha
I love those guys... you really can't get anything past them!! :)