Saturday, January 15, 2011

Farty Brain

I live with boys. A lot of them. And now that they are getting a bit older, the joy of bodily functions seems to be taking over my house. That, and the endless debate as to which is better: Star Wars, or Star Trek. People say that boys and girls are conditioned to behave in their gender roles... I say... PSHA! My boys are 7 and 4... they are just programed by the Good Lord to do and say BOY things....(speaking generally, here.) But, I digress... this is a story about Farty Brain.
BoldThis morning the following conversation took place:
Mom: Wow, thanks for fixing that, Matt....
Jonah (4): Ya, Farty Brain.
Mom: Jonah... we don't call people Farty Brain. It's not nice.
Jonah (with the most serious expression, ever.): But Mom... I have a friend at school named Farty Brain. And he's super nice.
Mom: Really? You really have a friend named Farty Brain, huh?
Jonah: Ya. He's 4. Like us. I like him a lot. But sometimes he farts on me.
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Anonymous said...

What is it with boys and bodily functions? (And do they ever truly outgrow it?) :) Isaac at 13 isn't likely to instigate a bodily function joke - but he'll probably laugh at it if his little brother does (and so will their dad). LOL! :)