Saturday, June 28, 2008

Red Pants, Yellow Pants, Green Pants...OOP's!!!

It's awfully fun learning to put your pants on.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dirt Lovers

While Grammy was here, she also spent time sprucing up my flower beds and baskets. They were in desperate need of sprucing up, and this is one gift that was not genetically passed on to me. Hopefully, it is a skill that I can acquire through practice. Mom... thank you, a thousand times over for all you did!
Grammy is explaining to Jonah that the dirt needs to stay in the pot. Right, Grammy. Good luck with that one. ;o)

Grammy and her Boys

Big Boy Beds!!!

Bye, Bye Cribs! Hello Big Boy Beds! Here are my Sleeping Angels... For more information about this milestone, see earlier post entitled "Slowing Down."



Horse Therapy

Friday, before Grammy headed home after a long week of caring for me and the boys, we all took Caleb to his weekly horse therapy session. It was the first time Jonah and Noah have been able to go as well. Since the little girl who normally rides alongside Caleb was not there, the twins were given the chance to ride a horse also!!! Jonah LOVED it!!! Noah was much more timid, and didn't really feel good about being on a big horse. It was such a treat to see the twins participate, and to share it with Grammy, too. We had a wonderful time!!!

Jonah riding behind big brother

Noah preferred riding on Daddy's shoulders. Certainly a safe place to be.

Too Cute!

Following Caleb

Noah is not so sure

He stayed on for a short ride

Caleb and Jonah "barrel racing" ;o)

Caleb was excited to share his special time with Jonah. At least this once. ;o)
Cowboy Jonah
Caleb's the Pro... As he shouts "Walk On Penny!!!"

Slowing Down

That is what I have been having to learn this past week. To slow down. Really, I haven't had much of a choice. As I was rushing around last Saturday (a week ago), I lost my footing on the stairs and fell. I was holding Jonah, so I couldn't brake my fall at all with my hands. I was terrified that I would hurt him. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs, two things were clear: Jonah was just fine... I was not. It was one of those things where you know instantly that you are more that just a little bruised, but I had no idea what I had done. After a couple of hours of trying to rest, it seemed the pain was getting worse, and I feared that I may have had some internal bleeding near my kidney because of the pain, and extreme nausea. So, we decided to head into the hospital. Once there, I was frustrated by the fact that simply walking into the ER seemed impossible... Humbling for someone who runs 4.5 miles almost every day. After a shot of morphine, several x-rays, and a CT scan, the doctor discovered that I had actually fractured a vertebrae in my lower back. OUCH!! I was pretty out of it the first couple days as I was in so much pain, but by Monday morning my mom came to the rescue!!! Thank you, Mom, for dropping everything and rushing out here to take care of me, and the boys all week long! Mom just left on Saturday, and I can honestly say that while she was here I didn't change a single diaper, or do one load of laundry!!! I am actually wondering what I can break next. ;o) KIDDING!!! Not only did my mom cover all the bases here at home, but she was here to wittiness several milestones with the boys, as well! Since I am not able to lift the boys, Matt decided we would make the change from cribs to Big Boy Beds for Jonah and Noah. They have done AWESOME with this change. Honestly, I was hoping to keep them in cribs until they were about 15. I feared that bedtime and nap time, which are wonderful calming times in our home, would turn into a fight with little ones enjoying the freedom of being about to get in and out of bed themselves. Instead, we have been pleasantly surprised by how wonderful the twins have been about staying in bed. They have been so excited to be in Big Boy Beds, and they just snuggle right down and sleep pleasantly through the night. They wake up in the morning with excitement in being able to come into our bed for morning snuggles. It is precious. I am so proud of them. I'll be posting pictures of them in their beds next. ;o) The other big milestone Grammy was able to see was Noah's first time making Doo-Doo in the potty!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! It was also precious!!! I know, only mothers and grandmothers would call times like that "precious", but it was... especially because Jonah was there clapping and cheering for his brother. So, it ended up being a multi-layered blessing having Grammy here for the week.
I have been slowly making progress in healing. Very slowly. But my range of motion is improving, and the pain is slowly decreasing. I have been able to walk with a cane. I know. It's actually pretty hilarious. I get a lot of pathetic stares, but I have no shame. It's the only way I can get around, and it's a convenient weapon if anyone sasses me too much. I have been struggling with a lot of frustration in not being able to do things that I have always done with ease, and not being able to run has been a huge mental challenge. For those of you who are runners, you totally understand. For those who are not, I know... it's freakish to you. ;o) I am hoping that I will be able to start running short distances in about 4 weeks. It is optimistic, but that is the goal. Pain will be my guide, as my doctor has told me, as to any activity that I pursue. Bottom line, if it hurts to do it, I have to give it longer to heal. Please pray for my patience, and patience for Matt and the Boys, as they are all having to get used to me being out of commission for a while longer. Really, I am doing okay, and am thankful that the injury was not worse. I'll try to get some pictures of me with my trusty cane, too. All in all... I'm just glad I didn't rip my skirt. (That was for the select few who know that particular "Christine Falls" story...) Hee hee....

Things You Never Thought You'd Say Before 30...

"Noah! Bring me back my cane!"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Two comes in Two's



Stud Muffins

Birthday Boys

Honestly... I think the thing that makes having a two year old even MORE fun, is having TWO two year olds!!!

I remember...

Noah and Jonah...

Just two years ago, the Lord brought the two of you into our lives. You had been in our hearts for some time as your Birth Mom, Andrea, Daddy, and I prepared for your arrival. Looking back two years ago, there are so many things I remember. I remember how tiny you both were! Noah, you were only 4 lbs. 13 ozs., and Jonah... You were a tiny 5 lbs. 2.5 ozs. What happened?!?! ;o) I remember how scared I was for both of you, being so little, and needing to stay in the hospital for 9 days until you could eat without feeding tubes, and stay warm without needing your little incubators. I remember the beautiful moments that Andrea and I shared together, your mothers, holding each of you close and marveling at the miracle of your birth. I remember how hard it was for Andrea to say good-bye to you at the hospital, but how she felt so blessed knowing that you would be coming home to Daddy and I... to a family that could always take care of you, just like she wanted. I remember how Andrea and I hugged tightly. Each of us with hearts full of emotion, and forever bonded by our beautiful boys. I remember how the nurses and doctors at Queens Hospital in Honolulu took such wonderful care of you, and how they were so amazed to see how beautiful adoption can be, really, a joining of two families. I remember how your big brother was SO EXCITED to have you come home, and how he was so proud to tell everyone how he had TWO babies!!! I remember how Grandma Vonnie came to Hawaii for a whole MONTH to help Daddy and I take care of you. (You were both A LOT of work!!!) ;o) I remember how I ate a lot of tomato soup. I don't know why. But I remember that. I remember how our church in Hawaii was so excited to welcome you, and I remember Phyllis saying that you were God's babies, and that He had a plan for each of you.
I could go on and on about the beautiful things that I remember about what life looked like two years ago, and it was, it really, really was a joyful, amazing, exhausting, wonderful time. And yet I am struck that this time... the now... life with two beautiful two year olds, is even better! You have both brought so much joy to Daddy and me. The past two years have been full of growth, and fun, and this amazing sense that God has done something so big and wonderful by bringing you both to us, that it will take a lifetime to understand just how big and wonderful it really is. You are both so unique and gifted, and the overwhelming part is that Daddy and I get to watch as you grow, teaching you and loving you all the way. To God be the Glory, great things He certainly has done. So with that, I wish you both a Happy Birthday. And a thank you, for the past two wonderful years. Jonah, Noah, and Caleb, you are each our greatest life gifts.