Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bikes and Parks

So, this posting is FULL of pictures! But, I couldn't resist sharing all of these... We had a great day last week when we spent the morning playing outside. Caleb had horse therapy in the morning, so Daddy dropped off Noah, Jonah and me off at the river, and the little boys got to ride their bikes to the park! After we played for a bit, big brother Caleb joined us by riding in to the park on his bike too. We played for a ridiculously long time, then treated the boys to hamburgers and ice cream. It was a great day!
I realized that these first pictures should be last... they are of us heading home, but you get the idea... ;o)
This is pretty typical... Jonah leading the way for everyone. He is such a leader.
All my boys!
Noah and Jonah heading to the park! Are they not the cutest ever?!?!

The Twinados.

Jonah... He is telling me he wants to go play in the river. I know, Sweetie... another day for that.

Noah is just long enough to pedal... he worked SO hard, and did a great job!
Here we come, world!
Here comes Big Brother!
Caleb, you are such a big boy!
Noah loved the rock climbing wall!

So did Caleb! He was really taking off on it, too!
Climbers, Noah and Caleb

Jonah and Noah People all over the world, join hands, start a slide train, slide train!

Double the fun!

Takin' a rest.


Grammy said...

Ohhhh My GOSH! Look at the boys ride those bikes!!! Can't wait to get to Lewiston I think Grammy is going to bring her ike too!

Newmommykai said...

It must be so much fun to have kids that are doing things for themselves!!! These pictures are so cute!!

Love the new blog layout... very fresh and inviting! I really do need a few tips! :)

Jack and Amber said...

This is Kevin and Nikai's friend Amber. I love the title you give your boys (The Twinados). I can definitely relate -- we call our twins The Destruct-a-twins at times!