Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Outdoor Tubby

The day after the marathon, Matt and I took the boys to downtown Missoula to see what we could find to do. On the way into town, the Little Boys fell asleep in the car. They had been getting their "vacation sleep" which is never as good as at home sleep, so we decided to just drive around and let them sleep. We drove into Lolo, MT., a small town, and I remembered some friends telling us about some hot springs there. We drove until we found Lolo hot springs resort, and asked about it. They had a beautiful resort with indoor and outdoor tubs, but they were pricey, and we were on a budget... I also remembered these same friends telling us about natural hot springs that you can hike into... I asked about them at the resort... They gave me the easy directions, and after ordering some lunch for the road, we took off on our little adventure. Sure enough, about 30 min. away we found the turn out for Jerry Johnson hot springs. As the friendly folks at the resort told us, it was a VERY easy 1 mile hike into the springs. I just need to say that it was about the best thing my sore marathon muscles could have asked for... An easy hike to work them just enough, and a soak in a hot tub. Wow. The day was cooler, and misted a bit, which also made the dip in the hot water delightful. The boys LOVED the hike in the woods. I just felt like God blessed us with an incredible, unexpected, family adventure.

The BEAUTIFUL hike in...
Daddy and our boys, enjoying being in the great outdoors.

To get the boys to look even towards to camera, Matt said "WOW! Look at those clouds!" Which is why they are looking up at the sky. Too funny!

Once we got to the upper spring, we saw a MOOSE out in the landing. It was INCREDIBLE!

Here is a pic of our "outdoor tubby", as the boys called it.

Our relaxing hike back... I can't say enough how incredible this day was... What a gift.

Our boys. Gentlemen, every day is a gift with you. ;o)


Jack and Amber said...

There are moose in MT? What a wonderful adventure. I am still in awe that you were able to run a marathon with 3 kids! You're my hero!