Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Missoula Montana ~ 2009

We made the Marathon trip our family vacation this year, so we had a few days before and after the race to enjoy Missoula! Here are some pictures of our very relaxing time before the race!

The boys really wanted to "help" Daddy gas up the car Noah said "My car is just getting a quick drink." HAHA!
At a rest stop, the boys all ran through "the woods" and collected pine cones. It was a BIG hit!

At the cabin, the Little Boys are playing with Etta.
Matt and Bob relaxing on the swing out on the beautiful lanai.

Outside our cabin was a beautiful garden area, fenced in because of the plethora of deer... The boys loved checking it out.
The whole first day in Montana, Caleb wore his big black bear, pretending he was a bear. It was ADORABLE!
Playing in rocks is always a fun time with my boys.

Jonah: "LOOK, MAMA! I in the circus!"

My Black Bear resting on a rock.
Noah is taking pictures like Mommy!
Jonah tossing rocks and dirt on stuff.
More of my black bear boy....
Jonah, Caleb and Noah.
View from our cabin. It was beautiful!


Grammy said...

Ohhhhh My Gosh I am still laughing!!!! Caleb you are absolutely adorable! I LOVE THE BLACK BEAR!!!! And the pictures of my little boys (LITTLE?) ha! ha! Are super cute Looks like FUN was had by ALL!!!!!!