Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Out and About

We had a couple days before the marathon to get acquainted with Missoula, and relax a bit. We spent some time at our cabin, as well as in town at the carousel, and park.
Jonah and Mommy chillaxin' in the swing. Notice that Jonah is wearing big boy underwear?! Oh, ya, and my hilarious running tan line... ya... that's great. ;o)
At the park, Noah doing the monkey bars with a little help from Daddy

Caleb loved the monkey bars, too.

This picture turned out a little dark, but if you click on it to see it larger, the look on Etta's face is priceless!!!
Mommy and Noah on the carousel. The little boys wanted to ride it over and over. Caleb did not. It is supposedly one of the fastest carousels in the country. Ya. I think it is. I nearly got sick a couple of times!
Jonah is the best about saying "CHEESE!" I just love it!


Grammy said...

OH MAN! I LOVE Merry Go Rounds!!! and this one goes faster and faster!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE THAT!

andreadudoit808 said...

now thats a KODAK MOMENT...LOL