Saturday, June 19, 2010


Last winter I decided that I really wanted to do another Marathon, and I really wanted to do one close to where my Mom was, so she could come, and be a part of the experience. Ok... and I just really wanted to race 26.2 again. ;o) I was so nervous to race again for a couple of reasons... I have chondromalatia in both my knees, and it really acted up right before Missoula, so I was not sure how my knees would hold up. But mostly because I had trained and raced my first marathon with Emily, one of my closest friends. I was very nervous to do this one solo. But I didn't have a choice, since Emily is GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY!!! YAY! Thankfully, although I trained through winter, the weather was super mild, and was very kind to me. Matt also biked with me on most of my long runs, 14+ miles, which was so amazing!!! The end of the journey brought me to Eugene, Or on May 2nd... and I felt very ready, and very excited!!!
Loaded up and ready to line up at the porta-pottys!
Taking my place at the start!

My boys finally found me at around mile 14. My pace was much faster in the beginning that I had anticipated, so Matt had a hard time finding me. Once I finally saw my Boys, and My Mom, I just started crying! It had been a wonderful first half, but I was VERY ready to see them! Once he found me, and knew my pace, they ended up being at MANY different places along the course. Would you believe that I even ran next to a woman who had ran the Missoula Marathon last July also, and remembered the boys in the bright t-shirts! I was right next to her, and she shouted, HEY! I remember you boys from Missoula!!! It was SO cool!

They encouraged, not only me, but all the runners! They just kept shouting to everyone "WAY TO GO! KEEP IT UP! GOOD JOB, GUYS!" It was priceless!
Whew... Noah thought it was tiring just being on the cheer leading squad!
Rolling around and playing in the one of the many parks we ran through.
My boys had on their, now famous, On a scale of 1-10 shirts... Mom and Ron had t-shirts made that said "My Daughter Kicks Asphalt" They were GREAT!
Just after the finish! Since we finished in Hayward field, all the spectators were in the stands, and only racers were on the track... so, it wasn't really possible to get a crossing the finish line photo... But I do have some on order from the race photo place... hopefully I can post those later. But I love this one Mom got as I was headed down to find all my cheerleaders!
I finished the race in 4:49 min., 2 minutes faster than my last time. I was REALLY wanting to do a 4:45, and I was poised for that time for most of the race, but I gotta tell you, those last few miles kicked my butt. I had to stop and pee, and just. got. so. tired! Hahaha... Overall, I was very excited about my finish.
Check out the look on my face. Ya. Those stairs hurt. Hahaha!
My sweet girl, Shana Bug and Sue came to see me at the finish! It was SO AMAZING to see them! They were the first ones I saw as I came around the track to my finish line.
Big hugs from Sue!!! I was so happy that they were able to come!

Shana and Sue, thank you so much for being there! That was such a gift!!!
Mom and Ron, it was AWESOME to share this with you both!
My ultimate cheerleaders! I love you boys! Thank you so much, Matt for supporting my craziness! I love you!


Emily, Bob and Etta said...

You looked AWESOME at the finish! No one would EVER believe that you had just run a marathon. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished and worked through in the last year. You. Are. Amazing. I can't wait to have you at MY next marathon - in September!! Love you!!

Shanab said...

I was so thrilled to be there to cheer you! I am so proud of you, big sis - i love you! xoxo