Sunday, June 27, 2010

Noah & Jonah Turn 4!!

I think I may start every birthday post with "I can't believe"... Another year passes, and these little men that came to us through the miracle of adoption continue to grow, in height/weight and personality & character. When God blessed me with Motherhood, I knew that being a mother included the obvious... pouring of myself into these new lives and raise them up to be, by the grace of God, not just people that we love dearly, but that those around them can love too. I think what I seriously underestimated is how much I would grow from them.
Noah and Jonah, Mama always tells you that you are our gifts from God. And you so totally are. We love and adore you more than words can say.
The boys' birthdays always lead my heart back to their birth mothers. Andrea, we love you so deeply. The gift you gave us when you dedicated these boys to us will forever overwhelm my heart. I love you, not only for all you have done for us, but for all of who you are. You are an incredible women, and mother.
I have to say, that the rest of this post is a long, wonderful story of Noah and Jonah's birthday. It was such a magical day, and I am so excited to finally be sharing it here...
Birthday morning started, as it always does, the night before. If you have read any previous posts on birthdays, you know that they are so special to me. My mother always had, rather-has, a way of making a birthday ridiculously wonderful. When your day comes, you have no doubt that you will indeed be celebrated. I treasure this, and have wanted to carry on that tradition with my kids. So I spend the night before their birthdays decorating the whole house with balloons and streamers, "Happy Birthday" signs and gifts. We are so abundantly blessed to celebrate our babies.
Grammy had a plan to get the Twins Big Boy Bikes from months ago, and we had those set up and ready to surprise the boys when they woke up, along with the wonderful mountain of gifts from Nana Jorgens. As I finished getting everything ready for their birthday surprise, I told Matt how I sure wish my Mom could be here... I said "I know I would do her proud." Hahaha.... We went to bed, and rested up for the party to come the next day.
Morning came quickly, as always, and the boys got up and jumped into our bed for morning snuggles. At about 7:30 we heard a light knock upstairs... then we heard another knock... the knocking continued, and Matt headed upstairs... I really didn't think anything of it... People stop by the house for one reason or another all the time. But I heard a little rustling upstairs, and about 5 min. later, I hear a most familiar voice say "Hey! I hear there is a birthday party today!!!!" IT WAS GRAMMY AND RONPA!!!!! I jumped up out of bed and just started crying, I was SO surprised and elated! My Mom is SO the BIRTHDAY QUEEN!!!! She and Ron had driven the day before and reserved a hotel for that night, all so they could show up on their birthday. It was incredible! I was SO excited to have my Mama there to share in the fun, and of course, the boys were all thrilled that Grammy and Ronpa came to their birthday party!
A day of setting up, and all the Pirates Arrrrr ready to Parrrrty!
(Yes. We had a pirate party. ;o)

Lot's of friends from the boys' pre-school came to share in the party fun!
And Caleb invited his best friend, Maci and her brother to come to the party, too! Caleb was SO excited to have her there!
Several of our young adults group came to celebrate with us, they spend so much time with the boys, they are all like family to them.
Birthday boy Jonah enjoying his pizza.
Silly Birthday boy Noah!
Grammy and Ronpa enjoying the party.
Mommy and Grammy help the boys get close to blow out their birthday candles! 4 Each!
Mmmmm!!!! Birthday cake is a treasure. ;o)
All the kids are excited for cake!!!
Noah checking out some stickers.
Maci and Micah, Jonah and Caleb enjoying cake.
Fun treasure from great friends!
Maci helping out. Me, wondering why I still have an eye patch on my head.
Jonah and Ronpa are sparring.
Swings, pool, pizza, cake, and games. Doesn't get much better than that.
Noah is checking out some of the birthday loot.
It's been a very long day. Very fun, but very long. Noah snuggled up and just went to sleep. But as I look at this picture, I can't help but think Mommy looks pretty tired, too.
Jonah is spending some time coloring with Grammy.
Grammy was telling Jonah how very good he is at coloring in the lines. He worked so hard, and did a great job! Proud Jonah!
It was a very magical day. Thank you to everyone who celebrated, near and far, the 4th birthday of our miracle babies. We celebrate all of you, for the gifts you are to our family. I am filled with gratefulness for the bountiful goodness that fills our lives.
Happy Birthday, My Sweet Babies.


Grammy said...

Grammy and RonPa had such a WONDERFUL! time surprising their boys for their 4th Pirate Birthday Party! I have to say It is probably the best surprise I have pulled off yet! It was such a joy to share the day with my beautiful Daughter who has taken on the Birthday tradition Like a PRO! Once Again we have made some wonderful Memories! I Love YOU all!

Newmommykai said...

We are so sorry that we had to miss this one...we look forward to attending some of these awesome parties in the near future!! :)
We love you guys...